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Silicon Power Announces Ultra-Fast E20 SSD

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silicon power 256gb e20 ssd.jpgLeading flash memory manufacturer, Silicon Power today unleashes their new 2.5” SATA solid state drive (SSD) ~ E20, a new prospect in computer storage! The new E20 challenges SSD limitations with uniquely developed technology to boost read speeds up to 250MB/s and write speeds up to 230MB/s, both data transfer rates surpass the major SSD on the market today. In addition, E20 also supports TRIM Command. It is specifically for Windows 7 users, allowing for swift tens of seconds OS startup time and instant application and software use. For users using other OS, E20 provides Garbage Collection Technology. It enhances SSD’s already strong performances and prevents poor computer responses from long hours of continuous use. It is the ingredient to achieving twice the result with half the effort.

Silicon Power’s brand new SSD E20 proposes effective and practical solutions for most common problems faced by users today:

DDR2 DRAM Cache Memory Implementation: Users are most concerned with lag when using computers as it affects workflow and efficiency. With E20’s built-in DDR2 DRAM Cache Memory, even during continuous intensive-write situations, computers shall lag no more! This feature not only enhances SSD’s read and write performances, it also extends SSD’s lifespan.

Circuit Current Sensor: During read and write, users most dread irregular current supply resulting in data lost or corruption. Silicon Power’s E20 has specially added circuit current sensors to detect fluctuating or abnormal current to effectively protect your personal data!

S.M.A.R.T Support: Through Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.), user can monitor the health of E20.

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CompactFlash Association Forms Workgroup for Next-Generation Memory Card Format

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The CompactFlash Association (CFA) today announced the formation of a new working group to develop a next-generation memory card. Nikon, SanDisk and Sony proposed the new format in order to meet the needs of professional type digital single lens reflex camera (DSLR) and professional video markets over the coming years. CFA members can join the new workgroup for considering the ratification of the new specification.

Sophisticated imaging applications such as High Definition video and professional photography require a new generation of memory cards with cutting-edge speeds and capacities capable of processing the larger file sizes. The development of the new card is designed to meet the future demands of professional imaging and video markets.

“Future professional photography and video applications will require memory cards with faster read/write speeds,” said Mr. Shigeto Kanda of Canon and the CFA chairman of the board. “The development of a new high-performance card standard with a serial interface will meet the needs of the professional imaging industry for years to come and open the door for exciting new applications.”

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SanDisk, Nikon and Sony Propose Standards For 500MBps Memory Card Format

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SanDisk Corporation, Nikon Corporation and Sony Corporation today announced the joint development of a set of specifications that addresses the future requirements of professional photography and video markets. The three companies proposed the specifications to the CompactFlash® Association (CFA), the international standards organization, with the intent to standardize the format.

Professional photography and High Definition (HD) video applications require a new generation of memory cards capable of processing significantly larger files. To address the imaging industry’s future speed and capacity demands, SanDisk, Nikon and Sony proposed a new card specification whose performance and storage capabilities surpass those of existing memory cards. Once accepted, the new format will enable exciting new possibilities in the professional imaging and video markets.

The proposed specifications achieve data transfer rates of up to 500 megabytes per second (MB/sec) (theoretical maximum interface speed) using the highly versatile PCI Express interface. The increased speeds will enable imaging and video applications that could not be accomplished using the current CompactFlash specification’s Parallel ATA (PATA) interface. CF6.0, released in November 2010, offers maximum performance of up to 167MB/sec.

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ADATA Releases Ultra-Compact Micro Memory Card Reader

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ADATA Technology, the worldwide leader in DRAM modules and flash memory products, today released its latest Micro Memory Card Reader, the microReader version III, an ultra-compact and stylish solution for easy and convenient data transfers between mobile phones and PCs via High-Speed USB 2.0 interface.

adata microreader memory card reader.jpg

For users of digital devices who are constantly on the go, moving and sharing personal files from memory-enabled phones to other devices can be a hassle when there is no USB cable on hand. Weighing just 3 grams, and the size of a small coin, the new ADATA microReader is one of the smallest card readers available on the market, with incredible portability that provides the freedom of data transfers any time, any place. Due to its ultra-compact size, the microReader can be plugged into the USB slot of a notebook PC at all times, without blocking the neighboring slots or getting in the way when the computer is stowed in a bag.

Unlike most conventional memory card readers, which have unfriendly card retrieval designs, the microReader features a patented one-push card-ejector that makes any data transfer a fast and pleasant experience. Available in elegant black and passionate red colors, the microReader features a stylish LED indicator that shines brightly when the device is in use.

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ADATA Launches Compact, Leather-Wrapped S101 USB Flash Drive

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ADATA Technology, after listening attentively to the voice of the market, ADATA has launched a new product in its Superior series of flash drives, the S101. Produced under advanced COB (Chip On Board) manufacturing processes, the S101 is a compact and delicate technological jewel. High quality black leather exterior with a unique and comfortable toothed texture allows you to manifest your personal sense of elegance, at a price the stays true to your sense of moderation.

adata s101 usb flash drive.jpg

This new addition to the superior series has a smaller profile due to the COB manufacturing used. With a length of only 3.3 cm, and width of 1.6 cm, the S101 is more compact than traditional USB flash drives, and as small and exquisite as a Bluetooth headset.

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Kingston Digital Launches HyperX MAX 3.0 External USB 3.0 Drive

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Kingston Digital today announced the HyperX MAX 3.0 External USB 3.0 Drive. Shipping in December, the SuperSpeed USB certified HyperX MAX 3.0 drive is a fast and durable external USB 3.0 storage drive. SuperSpeed USB is the specification delivering USB 3.0 transfer speeds up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0.

kingston hyperx max 3.0 external usb 3.0 drive.jpg

Kingston's HyperX MAX 3.0 has a read speed of up to 195MB/sec., and a write speed of up to 160MB/sec., when paired with a USB 3.0 compatible device. It is also fully compatible with USB 2.0 devices, as the speed defaults back to USB 2.0 capability. During internal testing, a 10GB movie file was transferred in only 1 minute, 12 seconds to the HyperX MAX 3.0 from a USB 3.0 system. The transfer time increased to 5 minutes, 52 seconds using a USB 2.0 port with the same test bed.

HyperX MAX 3.0 is an excellent drive solution for any prosumer, computer enthusiast or professional requiring extremely fast file transfer to their PC with portability requirements. Moving or backing up HD video, RAW images or other large project files are examples that can take advantage of the extremely high-speed data transfers of the USB 3.0 interface.

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CompactFlash Association Releases CF 6.0 Specification

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The CompactFlash Association (CFA) announces the CF 6.0 specification, a new CFA logo, and a refreshed website coinciding with the CFA celebrating fifteen years of performance leadership in flash memory card markets.

The CF 6.0 specification adds performance and functionality to the current CF 5.0 specification based on the PATA (Parallel ATA) interface while maintaining backward compatibility. In conjunction with this new specification, CFA has completed a refresh to both the CFA logo and website allowing for improved navigation, future product and market application information along with enhanced member benefits. The CF 6.0 specification includes a new Sanitize Command, Trim Usage Guidelines and an Operating Temperature Range function along with adding Ultra DMA Mode 7 which supports 167 MB/second speed. The new CF 6.0 specification is available for immediate download from the new enhanced CFA website.

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LaCie Announces FastKey USB 3.0 SSD

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Today LaCie announces the smallest SSD USB 3.0 drive, delivering speeds up to 260MB/s – LaCie FastKey. Small enough to hide in the palm of your hand, LaCie’s FastKey can transfer 1000 mp3 or five DIVX files in less than 60 seconds.

lacie fastkey ssd.jpg

While the FastKey can perform up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0, its peak performance goes far beyond that. Combining the performance of SSD, USB 3.0 and DRAM cache technology, the FastKey can write small files up to 100 times faster than your average USB 2.0 hard drive.

“With most flash drives, transferring a large number of photos and mp3 files can take a few minutes,” said Luc Pierart, Business Unit Manager, Personal Storage, LaCie. “With the Fastkey, transferring small files is immediate. You can back up or share your music and photo libraries as you head out the door.”

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Super Talent Ships 480GB UltraDrive MX SSD

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Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of Flash storage solutions and DRAM memory modules, today announced their 480GB UltraDrive MX SSD is now shipping.

super talent 480gb ultradrive mx ssd.jpg

The UltraDrive MX features a new dual-interface for both SATA II and mini-USB connections. The new dual-interface enables this SSD to offer a new level of flexibility and consumer convenience by enabling the customer to use this drive as either an internal SSD or an external SSD.

For customers thinking about upgrading their PC or notebook to a Solid State Disk, the dual-interface UltraDrive MX is perfect. Customers can first utilize the USB connector to create an image of their existing internal hard drive. Once complete, the drives can be swapped and the PC rebooted. In the past, creating such an image required an external hard disk enclosure. Now this operation can be completed, faster, easier and with less expense.

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Transcend Adds 64GB Ultra Speed USB Flash Drives

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transcend 64gb ultra speed usb flash drives.jpgTranscend Information, Inc. (Transcend) today announced the addition of 64GB models to its Ultra Speed series USB flash drives. Featuring an incredible combination of storage capacity and transfer performance, the JetFlash 600 and JetFlash 620 Flash Drives can satisfy even the most demanding users, allowing them to store a lot more in significantly less time.

It is hard to imagine how many files and data one can operate in this age of information explosion. Transcend’s Ultra Speed USB flash drives now come in an enormous 64 GB of storage capacity, enabling users to store over 16,000 high-quality pictures or songs, 640 minutes of Full HD videos, or seemingly limitless amount of documents—all in a tiny thumb-sized storage device.

Taking full advantage of the dual-channel technology, Transcend’s Ultra Speed series USB flash drives deliver read speeds of up to 32MB/s and write speeds of up to 18 MB/s. The outstanding performance dramatically shortens the transfer time, making it ideal for transferring large amounts of data such as music, digital photos and even Full HD videos.

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