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OCZ Announces Vertex Turbo Series Solid State Drives

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OCZ Technology Group, Inc., a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory and computer components, today released the latest addition to their premium Vertex solid state drive series, the Vertex Turbo Edition. The tried-and-true architecture and performance of the original Vertex has been upgraded to meet the demands of enthusiasts and other performance-seeking users who benefit from SSD technology. The Vertex Turbo Series maximizes the potential for ultimate productivity and state-of-the-art computing experience, by increasing both the host clock-speed and the SDR DRAM Cache to 180MHz versus 166MHz on the original series.

ocz vertex turbo series ssd.jpg

“OCZ is constantly looking for ways to advance our solutions, and based on feedback from our enthusiast consumers and top system integrators we looked for ways to further push the performance envelope in our popular Vertex Series of SSD’s,” commented Ryan Edwards, Director of Product Management for the OCZ Technology Group. “The new Vertex Turbo makes use of the fastest SDR DRAM cache available and a proprietary FTL level firmware that provides an even faster solid state drive for enthusiasts looking for the ultimate desktop or laptop storage upgrade.”

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Fusion-io Develops High-Performance, Lower Cost Enterprise SSD Solution

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Fusion-io today announced it has developed a new engineering technique for managing multi-level cell (MLC) flash technology, that combines the enterprise reliability of single-level cell (SLC) technology with the economical consumer-grade MLC flash. Fusion-io products utilizing this technology, called single mode level cell (SMLC), offer a cost-effective MLC-based solid-state solution with the endurance and performance of SLC at a much lower cost per gigabyte (GB). SMLC-based products from Fusion-io will be available starting this quarter.

The SMLC technology features bandwidth equal to SLC, with comparable endurance and write performance levels, at a cost that is substantially lower than traditional SLC solutions. Fusion-io products utilizing SMLC build on all of the innovation and reliability of the company's existing enterprise-class solid-state solutions, including its PCI Express-based form factor, chip-level redundancy and RAIDing, global wear leveling, advanced error correction and many other features beyond just performance leadership.

Fusion-io's SMLC serves as the foundation for an enterprise product line that is tailor-made for customers requiring greater performance or endurance than MLC can provide, at a lower price point than existing SLC solutions.

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Sony Introduces VRD-MC6 DVDirect DVD Recorder

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Sony today debuted its next-generation multi-function DVDirect™ DVD recorder, which can transfer both high-definition and standard-definition home videos and digital photos to DVD discs without using a computer.

sony vrd-mc6 dvdirect.png

The new VRD-MC6 model has a 2.7-inch color LCD screen for previewing video or up to six digital photos at a time, and its overall size is almost 60 percent smaller than its predecessor.

“Many customers still have their old home movies on tapes and are looking for an easy solution to archive their personal digital imaging content on DVD discs.  With the larger built-in LCD color screen in a smaller body, the new DVDirect model makes it easier for customers to transfer the content to DVD discs for archiving, enjoying and sharing with family and friends,” said Shige Nakayama, manger of the DVDirect business at Sony.

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Super Talent Introduces Pico Mini USB Drives

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Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of Flash storage solutions and DRAM memory modules, today introduced their new line of colorful and trendy Pico Mini USB drives, available this week in capacities from 2GB to 16GB.

super talent pico mini.jpg

Like their siblings, the Pico drives, Pico Mini drives are built using COB technology which enables squeezing impressive Flash capacities into extremely small packages. At 32 x 15 x 3 mm (1.3 x 0.6 x 0.1 inches), Pico Mini drives are surprisingly tiny. Even more impressive, they tip the scales at merely 1.5 grams.

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Synology Introduces 4-bay Disk Station DS409slim NAS

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Synology® Inc. today launched the new 2.5" 4-bay Disk Station DS409slim, a highly anticipated addition to the 09 series product line that brings lower power consumption, virtually quiet operations and an extremely small footprint both physically and financially while providing the same reliable data sharing and backup solution that Synology is well known for.

synology disk station ds409slim.jpg

The DS409slim is equipped with a 1.2 GHz CPU, 128MB DDRII RAM, one Gigabit LAN port, two USB2.0 ports and one eSATA port. The snap-in disk tray requires minimal effort to install and replace disks. Supporting up to 2 TB with the combination of four 2.5" SATA or SSD hard drives of 500GB which is the largest capacity on the market, it remains stylish and compact (120 x 105 x 142 mm).

The adoption of 2.5" hard drives helps to increase shock tolerance and MTBF and reduce power consumption. The DS409slim consumes only 19 watts under normal operation with four hard drives installed. The smart fan design keeps the DS409slim's fan off under normal operations and brings quiet operation.

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