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100Hz TVs and MPEG2 sources (digital TV, DVD)

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100Hz TVs and MPEG2 sources (digital TV, DVD)

Postby jase on Sat Apr 26, 2003 11:32 pm

I seem to remember reading some time ago that the double-frequency TV tubes incorporated into more expensive designs (effectively giving pseudo-progressive scan on any broadcast) were having a lot of problems with digital television signals (and presumably therefore also DVD and DVHS/Digi8 as well as they're a very similar format). Issues with nasty aliasing effects and other unpleasant artefacts, even when viewed in component (RGB) video.

However I now see these 100Hz TVs all over the place (I assume 120Hz TVs are also common in the US now), and now I want to buy a replacement 32" widescreen for my crappy Ferguson (Thomson) which has a failed tube after 3 years I was wondering if this is still a problem.

Any views?
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Postby Dartman on Mon Apr 28, 2003 8:58 pm

Well I've seen some with full time profressive scan and yes some look worse with all the artifacts on normal broadcast then a regular set does.
You need to look for one that has good filtering and 3dyc and adaptive fuzzy logic or whatever to get a good one. I have seen some lately that are almost perfect and some that still look lousy. You need to look at whatever you want to buy to make sure it looks OK to you because even if it has all the latest goodies to give a clean progressive or line doubled picture maybe it will or wont look good to you.
I want to get one hopefully soon but they are still pretty damned spendy and I want perfect or damn close at those kind of prices. I have a old Panasonic GAO superflat that still works like new and gives a great picture but it's only a 27 inch, it's 10 years old now I think.
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