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PX-116A/Pioneer 120, Bye-Bye!

How fast is too fast?

PX-116A/Pioneer 120, Bye-Bye!

Postby aviationwiz on Wed Jun 02, 2004 8:19 pm

I know all of you will find this as a shock, and I'm going to go ahead with it, I wanted to wait until I had in-case pictures of it, but I didn't want to wait!

After weeks of deciding, I have decided to replace my PX-116A which is a re-badged Pioneer 120, due to the fact that it tends to get noisy when playing DVD's, although when ripping it is silent, and the fact that I tend to get a lot of ripping errors on the drive which pisses me off.

Now, for the shock, you'll all never guess what drive I have chosen to replace with it...

*drum roll please*

I have chosen to replace my Pioneer 120 DVD-ROM with...[long pause while everyone waits anxiously in thier seats] the Lite-On/Sony SOHD-167T. =D> =D>

It's scheduled to ship today from Newegg in Newark, New Jersey, and, if there's any problems with delivery, you can sure expect an update to my FedEx ranting thread. :lol:

Your reactions guys?
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Postby dhc014 on Wed Jun 02, 2004 8:50 pm

Yay, you've finally decided to expand your horizons beyond the limited landscape of Plextor.

I'm sure that it will not disappoint. It's hard to go wrong with a $30 drive.
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Postby TheCDBurner on Wed Jun 02, 2004 10:14 pm

If the 167 is as good as the 166, you'll like! But, it is loud. I don't use it to actually play DVDs; just rip 'em. DVDs always either get ran through DVD Shrink or MPEG Mediator...

It'd be nice to see Plextor release a DVD-ROM of their own, though, not some stupid rebadged POS (although the PX-504A/NEC 1100 was GREAT).
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