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1) Do 210MB (not 185MB) work in Rip Go? 2) Where to buy them

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1) Do 210MB (not 185MB) work in Rip Go? 2) Where to buy them

Postby VEFF on Mon Dec 09, 2002 9:08 am

I just got an Imation RipGO portable
mini (aka pocket) CD-R burner/player with MP3 payback capability recently.

1) Does burning to 210MB (as opposed to 185MB) mini CD-Rs pose any problems (i.e. is it outside the specification?)
(Note: I will be burning them on my other PC burners, not on the RipGo, which is only a 4X burner).

2) Does the RipGO support playback of 210MB mini/pocket CD-Rs
as opposed to the more common 185MB mini/pocket CD-Rs?

3) Most places seem to have 185MB (21 minute) blanks.
Where can I get the larger 210MB (25 minute) blanks for a decent price?
It seems there are only decent deals ($15.50 shipped for 50) for the 185MB.
The 210MB are at least $22 + shipping, and that is for unbranded media...

Burners only:
Pioneer DVR-115D
Pioneer DVR-111D
Plextor PX-716A TLA0304
Plextor PX-716A same TLA

LiteOn 52246S 52X CD-RW
LiteOn 52246S (another)
LiteOn 52327S 52X CD-RW
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