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Accidentally uninstalled Direct CD ( vs 2.5d?). Help!

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Accidentally uninstalled Direct CD ( vs 2.5d?). Help!

Postby stingray on Mon Sep 15, 2003 7:55 am

1) I am using Easy CD creator (Vs 3.5c). I also had Direct CD running on the same PC (Win 98SE).,

However someone has accidentally uninstalled Direct CD :cry: :roll: and I have lost the original CD-Rom so i cannot reinstall it! (The package was originally bundled with a "Time" PC).

I need to reinstall Direct CD. Can I get this as a free download somewhere? I think the version number was 2.5d - this is a guess however, maybe someone else knows the exact version I need.

As it worked fine on my PC should I reinstall the original version of Direct CD or would an update work equally well?

PS: Where can i get an original (s/h) CD-Rom of Easy CD Creator 3.5c with Direct CD in the UK.

And If in the future i decided to update easy CD creator and direct CD would there be any back-compatability issues!

Thanks in advance.
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