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Audio Pops/Scratches (Only) Creating NeroDigital .mp4 w' 2 &

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Audio Pops/Scratches (Only) Creating NeroDigital .mp4 w' 2 &

Postby zamboniguy2 on Sat Jun 24, 2006 6:04 am

Audio Pops/Scratches (Only) When Creating NeroDigital .mp4 w/ TWO audio tracks

Hi - I've developed an issue I've never had before, and would like some advice.

I was attempting to use the latest version of Nero Recode 2 ( (I also tried many earlier versions without success) to encode the main movie of a DVD to a nero digital .mp4 .... using the option to encode TWO different audio tracks (#1 being the Main 5.1 audio and #2 being the Director's Commentary).

I successfully encoded and played back versions of the .mp4 with just one or the other audio track - so it isn't that I don't have the correct codec for recording or decoding the audio.

I just wasn't able to make a file that contained BOTH tracks without playback being marred by loud Snaps, Crackels, and Pops. However, I was able to hear the correct audio tracks underneath the noise - both were there and selectable.

The video quality was unaffected - and excellent.

I HAVE succeeded in doing this before. However, it was a long time ago. ODDLY, I AM able to play back both audio tracks (with no errors) from such a recording I made long ago.

Contributing factors:

Windows XP Media Center(?)
Pinnacle Studio 9 & 10(?)
Windows Media Player 11 Beta(?)

Currently, Nero works flawlessly except for this problem. My Media Center is set up just like I like it, and I can play back Nero .mp4's (in addition to quicktime .mov's, real .rm's, divx & xvid .avi's, and of course .wmv's) through my media center interface.

It is this newfound love of Media Center that has caused me to want to archive a few of my favorite DVD's on my PC hard drive - and why I've revisited Nero's (exclusive?) ability to record single .mp4 files with multiple selectable & discrete audio tracks.

However, this new occurance sure has me buggered.

I'd appreciate any input at all from you folks. Thanks!

Blue skies,

Buffer Underrun
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