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benQ 1640 Solidburn oddness noticed.


benQ 1640 Solidburn oddness noticed.

Postby KenW on Thu Nov 03, 2005 5:08 pm

Has anyone noticed this, I seen it with BSLB and new BSMB fw

after fw flash the solidburn tables are cleaned, ok no entries and

SB off/on
OS off
wocp on

burn some known media, and scan the results.

now do this

SB on/on
OS on or off does not matter
wocp on

burn the same known media so you get table entry.
scan burn it should look as good as SB off or usually better.

return to defaults and clean table so you have zero entries

SB off/on
OS off
wocp on

now burn the same known media
scan the media notice how its worse then scan of known media you did before with SB off and tables clean.

I have no idea why it acts like this if anyone does Id love to know, also more test should be run on this, oddness
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