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Best Software for Divx to DVD

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Best Software for Divx to DVD

Postby ToneTrainer on Thu Jan 23, 2003 10:38 am

Hi all

I have been trying to convert divx films to DVD, I have used the software that came with my DVD-R/RW (Pioneer A05 Firmware 1.21) which is VOB Instant CD/DVD, only problem is that I cant drag MPEG/existing VOB files into my projects and it doesnt tell you why. The other downside is that the conversion of .AVI to .VOB is massivley long...on average 11hours for a 300 MB AVI file!

The other software I have purchased was WinOnCD 6 DVD Edition. This is a whole lot faster at encoding yet there are probs with the ncoder, if for example I have already got the Vob Files it doesnt allow me to drag them into a project, instead you have to go through the painfull process of encoding all over again from the origional AVI.

So can any of you guys suggest some software, I have tried Stomp 4.5 but it did not give me an option to create a dvd project just SVCD/VCD!

Help please...! Thanks in advance

Buffer Underrun
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