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Burning Video DVDs

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Burning Video DVDs

Postby Shiv on Thu Sep 04, 2003 2:22 pm

First and foremost, I am a noob. I created my account today for the express purpose of asking this question, having spent quite awhile searching through the archives to see if it was answered previously. I'm also new to the burning of DVDs.

I recently purchased a Pioneer DVR-106D, and am curious exactly how one goes about making a video DVD. Under Nero 6, making a VCD or SVCD is about as easy as it gets; you decode the original file into the required format, "create video CD," and copy the files over. Whee.

I've made a number of VCDs with anime and webcam videos. My questions stem from a pure lack of information; how do you burn a video DVD in the same sense as a VCD? Can you?

I'm a little bogged down by the information I've been able to find regarding this. Everything seems to assume that the individual already has an integral understanding of how DVDs work, which I most definetely do not. For instance, in the Nero howto "Creating DVD-Video DVDs," I am told to "drag and drop your VOB, IFO, PUB files to the ISO1_DVD window."

Huh? What are these files? If they're required (which they obviously are), how are they generated? Can I create them for my own compilations? (Non-rips.)

Anyway, I'm totally lost in this. Thanks for your time, folks.
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Postby minchin on Fri Sep 05, 2003 9:18 am

Well, first head over to doom9.org to read up on some basic stuff. There is a big learning curve from VCD->DVD. Lookup under Guide, there is a section on SVCD->DVD.
DVD files requires certain structure. the IFO (Info file) is for the DVD player to know how to deal and play the VOB (Video Object Files).

A quick run down of how to convert VCD to DVD, you can go to www.dvdrhelp.com where there are a lot of howto guides. In general, I don't think it is worth the time.

It normally involves (rough guide):
1. Convert the VCD MPEG1 -> MPEG2 (using tools like TEMGEnc)
2. Convert the audio from MPEG1 to the correct freqency 44.1 -> 48KHz
3. Author it using some authoring software like DVDWorkshop (some won't work with split audio and video stream)

As you can see, the first 2 steps can be time consuming, not to mention that it require a bit of disk space. Yes, it is about 20 times more difficult than creating VCD.

Hope this help you a bit....
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Postby CCampbell on Fri Sep 05, 2003 1:10 pm

Since you have Nero 6, you should use our NeroVision Express software to create your DVD Video.

You can find step by step on how to do this on our website under Support->How To Guides->NeroVision Express

Or you can use the below link to go there directly.


You'll find step by step process for just about any operation you can do with our software.


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