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can't seem to burn anything with my LG GCC-4320B

Burn baby burn!

can't seem to burn anything with my LG GCC-4320B

Postby Yurimaru on Thu Jan 30, 2003 10:38 am

I'm new to burning cd's and what not... and I finally got around to making some because I've had my combo cd-wr DVD player since I got my computer in December I just never have gotten around to burning anything. Anyway so I finally try and now it won't burn anything. I've tried using both Roxio's cd creator and Nero but neither one will burn anything. They both say that the cd writing process is complete but when I try to play it through windows media it will either say there's nothing on the disc or if there is something on the disc it won't play it.. it'll just sorta freeze up. Same thing with other CD players. I'm use Windows XP I have an intel celeron 2.0 gig processor.. umm... anything else you guys need to know to help me out? I've made a ton of coasters so far and.. that's not really the business I wanna start out in lol thanks for anything you can think of to help.
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Postby sgegreen on Thu Jan 30, 2003 7:22 pm

Make sure you have Roxio ECDC 5.3.2 from http://www.roxio.com or Nero from one of the Nero archive areas.

I had this problem with the latest Nero version

When I went back to version everything worked OK.
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