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cannot hear sound though cd-rom-drive

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cannot hear sound though cd-rom-drive

Postby europanorama on Thu Dec 12, 2002 3:33 am

i have an internal soundcard on a win98se-system . cable in place i cannot hear music from a test-cd, which is ok. nero mediiaplayer starts. isnt there a button in windows?
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Postby cfitz on Thu Dec 12, 2002 9:23 pm

I assume you've checked all the obvious possibilities - speakers turned on and plugged in correctly, sound card working, sound card driver installed properly, CD Audio and overall Volume Control settings turned up appropriately high and not muted, audio cable good, etc.

Have you checked the properties in the device manager? Is the CD player volume turned up? Have you tried checking and unchecking the "enable digital CD audio" setting? What does Windows Media Player do?

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Postby Albinoni on Fri Dec 27, 2002 11:12 pm

When you say internal soundcard, do you mean a PCI sound card that sits on the motherboard, or the mobo has got a built in sound, i.e built into the mobo.

If you are using a PCI card, then check the following:

1. Card is inserted correctly.
2. On bootup go to the device manager, and install the appropriate
drivers reqd for that soundcard.

3. Now also make sure that you have a cable that connects from the
sound card to the CD-ROM or DVD ROM device/player. This cable is
quite thin and allows sound to be carried from your player to the sound
card. It's like connecting the RCA cabled (L+R) from the line out of the
back of your CD Player to the CD In RCA jack on the back of your Amp.
But this thin cable that travels from the sound card to the CDROM drive
is not an RCA cable but acts in the same way.

4. Also chack that the volume control on the Task Bar is up.

Good luck
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