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CDRW Drive not reading blank discs [Lite-On 40125W]

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CDRW Drive not reading blank discs [Lite-On 40125W]

Postby Jacko on Tue Jan 21, 2003 12:18 pm

I've got a Liteon 40125W CDRW Drive and I was burning a cd and it finished burning and Nero locked up and the light was permanently on the CDRW drive (It was orange, not red as when writing, and not green as in reading) and I couldn't open the drive, I left it 5 mins and it was still the same. So I Ctrl-Alt-Del and closed Nero which was 'Not Responding'.

I then restarted my PC and the drive would now open, and the cd had burned succesfully. I tried to burn another disc and Nero said that there was no disc in the drive (I'm using Datasafe 80min 48x media) so I thought the disc might be faulty so I tried another, then another until I tried about 7 and none worked.

Then I tried a Verbatim 4x CDRW and Nero said the same thing. So I then put in a data cd & an audio cd and it read both of those fine.

I then reflashed the drive with the latest firmware WS09, then restarted my pc and the problem was still there.

I decided to run 'Smartburn' to see if that saw the disc and every option said 'Unknown'.

Now I'm stuck & don't know what to do next, has anyone got any ideas?

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