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CloneCD problems with audio cds

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CloneCD problems with audio cds

Postby clumzy_oaf on Thu Jan 01, 1970 6:02 am

Anyone else running into a headache with Clone not dupping old audio cds?(old being there is no question of copy-protection)

I've tried various methods to get the discs to write fine, but still have failed. Such to the extent that I wrote a disc from image at 2x speed (or was it 4x?) either way rather slow for it to fail.

Unfortunatly I'm not the only one who has come across this problem. Such that other people have warned me to not use thier computers with Clone for audio discs. This was of course too late, I'd already burned 3 discs of mine by the time they got home. Checked the discs later only to find the exact type of errors / problems as I had encountered. This was with a ver 3.xx of clone and 4.0.10(on 2 machines) Another person says they are having problems also, though he doesn't think (which he still runs) is showing any symtoms. His work machine with a ver 4.x fails though. At least two of the burners are Lite-Ons (24x + 32x) The one that seems to work still is also Lite-On 16x, and the remaing (friends work burner) is unknown.
I've heard from a reliable source that sometimes XP and 2k reset DMA if too many read errors occur. This is something that I haven't check out yet on my machine (2k + 98) but I've gotten the same errors off both my op-sys. The other machines I'll have to ask them to look into.

Thoughs, ideals, suggestions?
All welcome.
Any other victims to this situation?

ps as a "WOW! Didn't know it could do that!!" When attempting to play one of these discs, the [errors] on it were so extream that the disc actually started spinning counter clockwise. Other times the display would stop displaying information while it was still playing. And the all too common there is the end of this track -run on after track was "done" having to press the fwd button just to get it to the next track.(minutes would go by silently)
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Postby Han on Thu Jan 01, 1970 6:03 am

CloneCD is for copying copy-protected games.

Feurio! is the king for mastering Audio. :)
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Re: CloneCD problems with audio cds

Postby dimitri on Thu Jan 01, 1970 6:03 am

clumzy_oaf wrote:When attempting to play one of these discs, the [errors] on it were so extream that the disc actually started spinning counter clockwise.

That does it! Now I've heard everything :lol:
Any player that spins discs backwards, should be sent to the shrink :P

No seriously, while CloneCd might not be perfect for duplicating audio, it can do a very decent job of it. I've tried it numerous times, never had any problems, and quality was very good.

Your writer has to be supported by CCD, and the reading drive has to be able to read audio data correctly. Try reducing the reading speeds.

Han is right about Feurio, It's my favorite audio buner too, it might be the best audio compiler and it does excellent copying too.

But any other burning program you already have installed should do quite good audio duplicating from non protected cd's. If it doesn't, the fault is in your hardware - I suspect with the reading drive.
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Postby forbjok on Mon Nov 25, 2002 9:28 am

I've had the same problem too, but it only seems to occur on certain types of cds (Vivastar). I have a Sony CRX-145E.
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Postby clumzy_oaf on Wed Nov 27, 2002 5:22 pm

Regarding the problem I've been finding that dropping the read speed down might actually be of help.
Haven't made time much for my puter, but have made acceptable test copies (only 2 though) wiht a read speed set at 8 and 16 respectivly.

What os are you running?
I've got 2k on this thing, and I've been getting strange little hicupps with drive access. wich might be associated with poor writes to the hd.
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