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Comp USA 1655 rebadges

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Comp USA 1655 rebadges

Postby Dartman on Sat Oct 07, 2006 3:01 pm

I wandered to my compUSA today after a short work day to check out the rumors of Norwood drives being mainly BenQ's. Found TONS of 1650 drives, model number on box as was mentioned, also some I/O magic lightscribe drives but didn't want to destroy a box seeing what was inside.
Started looking at other boxes artwork and one said Solid Burn on the drive in the picture, also had Lightscribe listed but the specs for the older 1625 were on the box, plus drive may differ from shown disclaimer :) Box was not taped shut so I crossed my fingers and opened it, 1655 inside =D>
The boxes are CONNECT branded and has model number SKU 340022 LIGHT SCRIBE on them. It also says Brand names at value pricing over their logo.
Drive has a black face and is a RETAIL 1655 made in march 2006 with BCGB FW on it.
Paid 69 out the door, a bit high, but finding one is getting impossible.
Anyone with a Comp USA store near them in the US, here's your chance to get a real 1655, good luck.
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Postby MonsterMan on Sat Oct 07, 2006 3:06 pm


No CompUSA near here :(

I want another 1655, damnit! :evil:
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