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Creative Surround Mixer Record Settings?

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Creative Surround Mixer Record Settings?

Postby audiodrome on Thu Apr 30, 2009 12:12 pm

I recently had my computer repaired where I basically had a complete overhaul. In the process they installed a second soundcard (the one that went with the new motherboard) alongside my original Creative Sound Blaster Audigy card (Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum eX). Before, when I would record audio into my computer, I opened the Surround Mixer software and in the record pulldown menu it showed all of the inputs as they relate to my Audigy interface (SPDIF, Aux In 2, Line In 2, etc.). Now when I open the Surround Mixer software, I only get generic options such as Analog Mix, CD Digital, Microphone, etc. and therefore I can't get any outside audio into my computer.

I figured the computer was defaulting to the new sound card so I disabled the onboard audio in my BIOS and then installed the Creative Sound Blaster Series 2 Driver. I clicked on the driver and it said that it needed to uninstall another driver that was already there. The install went a little funny and it got hung up a couple of times. Then, I couldn't get Surround Mixer to work at all so I went to the Creative website and installed Software Auto Update. I downloaded and installed all the critical components but that also went a little funny. It took about three tries and it didn't seem like it actually finished installing, but when I checked on Auto Update again, it said that I was up to date and that everything had installed. I noticed at the beginning that it installed a new version of Surround Mixer but when I opened it later, it still had those same generic options, not the the ones that match my external interface.

What do I need to do to get my original settings back?
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