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Cyberdrive Cw009D, i have the biggest problem.....:/ please

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Cyberdrive Cw009D, i have the biggest problem.....:/ please

Postby neptun3s on Sun Feb 16, 2003 1:40 am

Man i fuckin love this cd burner for its price, i have the new cyberdrive cw099. But it fuckin sux for some reason. My computer settings are athlon xp 1700+ oc'd to 1900+, gf3ti200, WD20 GB HD, msi - kt4ultra board, 256 curial ddr memory. When ever i try to burn a cd, the recorder buffer thing goes crazy jumps from 97, to 42, to 25 and then it restarts my computer.. What do you think is the problem? i see taht nero does not support this recorder yet but i dont think thats the problem i tried other software and its the same. It might be my hd its pretty old last year runs at 5400rpm first model they pretty much made last year. But please giveme some feedback of what it is? i have only tried PHILIPS cd-r80 48x disks. Please tell me what is wrong with this recorder it never finishs a cd. all it does it start to burn for about 2 minutes and then the recorder buffer area goes crazy and reboots.. Please write back to me if u can. Thankyou.

P.S. i have the newest firmware for this drive the 120c
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Postby dodecahedron on Sun Feb 16, 2003 1:55 am

make sure DMA is enabled for the drive. what OS are you running?
if it's XP there's instructions in the FAQ (good also for 2K).

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try good media.
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Postby Ian on Sun Feb 16, 2003 9:31 am

neptun3s, please watch your language. Please read over the rules before posting againi.

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