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Dead DVD Drive?


Dead DVD Drive?

Postby binny on Fri May 13, 2005 1:24 pm


I've got a problem with my LG 4163B DVD Burner. It cannot read any DVD movies and it takes ages to read data DVD's.

If I put a DVD movie in, the drive will do mini spin-ups and the LED will flash.When I try to double click the drive in "My Computer", a dialog box says that the CD format is not correct and the drive icon says CD Drive instead of DVD. A data DVD does the same thing but eventually it will spin-up properly and run.

I have a Lite-On 52x CD Burner SOHR - 5238S and this is fine, no problems at all. (Both drives are on the same IDE cable) Apparently it uses the "NVIDIA CK804 Parallel ATA Controller v2.7" and the transfer mode is at Ultra DMA 2 - Ultra 33

Details of my system:

AMD64 3000+ S939
A8N-SLI Deluxe
2x512MB Veritech DDR RAM
Leadtek 6600GT PCI-E
Enermax 600W PSU
Windows XP SP2

--the DVD burner actually worked fine for the first 4 weeks when I got the computer
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Postby cbboy777 on Fri May 13, 2005 5:08 pm

Had the same issue with my samsung H522-B. Tried everything. Reinstalled the driver, fixed the registry, added new firmware, you name it. In the end, i reckon it broke cuz i bought a new driver and it works fine, ergo no software problems with the comp itself. These drivers werent made to last a long while. So i bet the laser on your drive is dead. Good thing is you can go to newegg.com. They've got great deals. You can get a pioneer oem 109 for 56 bucks. Not bad at all for a heck of a good drive, or nec 3520 for 50 bucks.
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