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discussion between leg4li2ed0pe and XXXXX, NO FLAMING!

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discussion between leg4li2ed0pe and XXXXX, NO FLAMING!

Postby leg4li2ed0pe on Wed Jun 16, 2004 1:20 am

If you ask most liberals if they think the mainstream network TV media is liberal biased, they would unanimously answer "No!" But of course it is, and even the major staff admits that it is because 70-75% of them are liberal.

Most liberals say the media is conservative and most conservatives say it is liberal. Don't you think its possible you are as wrong as they are? Both come at it from the same angle. I saw its not about liberal or conservative its about corperate interest. It doesn't matter if most of the staff are liberal, its true im sure but it doesn't matter. Its the large corperations that own the media that end up controlling the content.

Now, aviationwiz, and all of the others that turned this into a flame war and got the last thread locked, please just stay out of it if you can't argue without emotion. Emotion isn't helping either side. Let's stick to argueing the facts and not insulting each other. Same for you XXXXX.
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Postby aviationwiz on Wed Jun 16, 2004 1:22 am

Let's see here.

1. There are PM's for a reason.

2. It's a public forum, we can all post whatever we want in here as long as it is relevant, emotional or not.

3. Use the PM system.

4. (See number 3)
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Postby leg4li2ed0pe on Wed Jun 16, 2004 1:26 am

Yeah yeah thats why i'm not saying don't respond at all. But really emotion leads to flame wars. Don't take it all so personally. We are all human beings here so lets be civilized. Otherwise the thread will get locked.
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Postby socheat on Wed Jun 16, 2004 8:54 am

leg4li2ed0pe wrote:Yeah yeah thats why i'm not saying don't respond at all. But really emotion leads to flame wars. Don't take it all so personally. We are all human beings here so lets be civilized. Otherwise the thread will get locked.

I originally made a post (unrelated to this thread's original topic), speaking to the problem of the recent arguments breaking out. I moved this post to it's own thread, as not to completely take this thread on an unrelated tangent.
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Postby XXXXX on Thu Jun 17, 2004 11:40 pm

I'm not going to get into another long thread publicly because it most assuredly will get into a flame war again, mostly because 15 year olds like Jaime and Aviation cannot control their 30 seconds of fame.

I'll just make this one post, and then move on with other more worthwhile expenditures of my time. I started speaking up because too few conservatives speak out in reaction to the democratic and liberal vitriolic attacks. What these groups do not understand however, is that America does not respond to repeated bashing, attacking, and tearing people down...unless they then offer some positive, constructive alternatives.

The predominant theme and strategy among liberals and Democrats is solely to attack Bush. It won't work to have Gore, George Soros, Kennedy, Michael Moore, and others screeching away like a whore being forced to go to Church. That is why Kerry will lose this election....so keep on doing it....see what happens. Bush's poll numbers are already climbing as I predicted. You can also see some upward movement on the President's approval ratings polls, which will continue to climb.

In closing, I will answer your question directly and say that anything is possible. Everyone has a bias, and it affects the way they see the world. However, the liberal media bias is based upon the direct admission of the people in this group.

Every single one of the network television news anchors, 60 Minutes staff, Sunday morning talk show moderators are all 100% self-admitted democrats and liberals. It is not a secret, and easy to verify. Use google and ask about them all such as: "Is Dan Rather a Democrat?" Even Walter Cronkite was.

If you then think that some corporate executive tells them what to put on the news that day, or how to spin a story, you are both wrong and naive. That's not how news organizations work.

The facts are out there about the high percentage of self-avowed Democrats and liberals that run, supervise, and deliver television news, newspapers, Hollywood producers, directors, & actors, lawyers, and college professors. You can look up the independantly done surveys, or find their own words to verify it. In turn, I will admit that Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and most of the talk radio personalities are almost all conservative republicans to a fault.

You just saw yesterday and today that the liberal media inaccurately reported headlines on the unreleased 911 commission report, where they say that the commission report directly contradicts Bush who supposedly stated an Al Queda/Iraq (Hussein)/911 connection. I just watched Lee Hamilton (D from Indiana) who is on the commission, castigate the media for doing this, and that their lies to discredit Bush are not true....of course you would only see that presented on FOX News.

The facts are that Bush/Cheney stated clearly that there was a connection between Al Queda & Iraq (Hussein), but NEVER said that this connection extended to Iraqi (Hussein) direct involvement in 911. The commission agrees with Bush on the Al Queda/Iraq connection, but the media would have everyone believe that Bush extended this connection to 911, despite Bush never saying that.

Others in the media, spearheaded by the likes of Senator Kennedy (who murdered Mary Jo Kopechne in his drunken covered up car accident) think that Bush should be impeached for lying to the nation about WMD's. But none in the media will dare attack Kerry, Clinton, many other democrats, the UN, the French, etc. etc. for then also "lying" because they all said the exact same thing repeatedly to the American people and the world.

UN Resolution 1441 declared that the WMD's not only still existed, but demanded that Hussein account for them, and turn them over, or face serious consequences. When Clinton was president, he not only stated the same accusations about Iraq/Hussein having WMD's, but also said that he was a serious threat to our country and the world. Are all these others attacked and villified for lying by the liberal media? Nope.

I have no problem with the media leveling strong accusations if they are based on facts (we are not done looking for the WMD's yet), and applied equally to both political parties. What I and many conservatives object to is the one sided presentation as was the case on this forum before I stepped in. It is the ONLY reason that FOX News has become the number one news station. It is the reason that Kerry will lose this election.

Good discussions legalized dope! Peace....over and out! I will make no further replies on this forum.
Kerry is the most liberal US Senator in Washington, who has more of a sourpuss disposition than Lieberman.

He sucks the way he flips and then flops...which is why he will be defeated!

Where do they get these guys?
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Postby JamieW on Fri Jun 18, 2004 12:13 am

Didn't the last thread get locked down because you can't behave like a civilized human being? I honored leg4li2ed0pe request that this not turn into another flamefest but I guess you just can't behave like a big boy. You had to drag me into this. It will be a flame war again because you had to bring me into this, you moron.

You have no worthwhile expenditures with your time. You are a failure. What? Going to go someplace else to fail? Well color me disappointed. You are not some conservative force in a vacuum bringing reason to those otherwise devoid. Prior to you, the few discussions of these topics were mostly civilized and showed a range of views. You are an unreasonable voice bringing anger and condescension because you simply can't grasp the other side. You try to shout it down, not because they don't understand, but because you don't understand.

To draw the focus off of your own stupidity, you call everyone else stupid so they defend against the insult rather than point out your own lack of wit. And you have the nerve to try to think - and fail I might add - that it isn't transparent. Christ, what a failure you are.
A man has been charged after allegedly punching a 73-year-old woman in the face, breaking her nose and stabbing her in the arm with a corkscrew before hitting a second woman with a bottle at a wedding reception in the Whitsunday Islands.
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