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Dvd-Rom : TOSHIBA SD-M1712 Vs Pionner 106S

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Dvd-Rom : TOSHIBA SD-M1712 Vs Pionner 106S

Postby ayoros knight on Wed Apr 02, 2003 1:47 am

first : sorry for my bad english .. :)

I need buy a new dvd-rom soon, my old pioneer have difficultys to read dvd videos now, and dvd ripping is only 0.9x ... my old Pioneer model is "DVD-103"

so, i need a good dvd rom , with good ripping performance, and less noisy than my old pioneer. and multizone with a patch :)
i have read some articles : M1712 and pioneer 106 are excellent , what do u think is the best ?
thx a lot for help

Ayoros Knight
ayoros knight
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Postby vbl117 on Wed Apr 02, 2003 5:08 am

M1612 ( Toshiba older model ) has his DVD VIDEO rip speed limited to 4X/5X max . I assume it's also M1712's case . 106S rips DVD VIDEO at 11X max . There is RPC-1 ( RPC1 = multizone ) Firmwares for both Pioneer and Toshiba DVD ROM drives . Also Pioneer drives are somewhat noisy but a Pioneer software utility allows you to lower the noise by lowering the drive speed .
Toshiba DVD ROM drives are very quiet .

In this website you can find all RPC-1 Firmwares available for DVD ROM drives :


Also you can read other reviews at www.cdrinfo.com ( i assume you have already read some reviews at www.cdrlabs.com ) .
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