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DW1640 and EAC... problems


DW1640 and EAC... problems

Postby Subby on Mon Oct 10, 2005 11:44 am

I seem to be having terrible performance in EAC backing up audio cds.
Heres some setup info:

firmware BSLB

In EAC v0.95 pb4:
General Options - Interface tab
Native win32 interface for Win NT/2000/XP

Drive options - Extraction method
Secure mode
Accurate Stream
Drive Caches audio data

Basically, it limps along in ripping any cd I have, at about 1.2 x. The drive whirls up every 30 secs or so. A 2 minute song seems to take about 3 min to rip.

I know this isn't right. My ancient Pioneer 32x CD-ROM used to rip swiftly enough at about 8x. Something I am concerned with is that with cds and dvds it tends to make a soft "tsk, tsk, tsk" sound for a few seconds when speeding up. Side note, it seems to burn and read dvds fine.

Any ideas what the issue might be? THanks.
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