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DW822A/DL firmware/XP sees 579 MB..


DW822A/DL firmware/XP sees 579 MB..

Postby Fabrian on Fri Nov 05, 2004 7:50 pm

I'm just about to burn my first dual layer disc (Verbatim) in my freshly DL firmwared DW822A.

Windows XP sees only a 579 meg disc in that drive. Nero thinks that's the real number too. Dvd shrink has the drop down for single or dual layer, so I think it'll do it, but wtf?

I only have one DL disc atm and don't want a coaster. Has anyone seen this before? Fix?

Abit IC7 MAX3, 2.4C @ 3.4, MCX4000, 2x 360 Raptor RAID0, XP Pro, 2x256 A-DATA PC4000, Enermax 475P-VE SFMA, BFG 6800GTOC, Audigy 2 ZS, Remote Wonder Pro, Lite-on 48/24/48 cdr, Lite-on 16x dvd, BenQ DW822A, Lian Li PC-82, Sony CPD-E540 21"
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