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Ebay Rant Seller performance below standard? WHAT?

What was that?

Ebay Rant Seller performance below standard? WHAT?

Postby Jeffreysmile on Sun Apr 25, 2010 5:00 pm

I am a novice seller on Ebay, I have almost 70 points on my seller account. I've had my account for almost 7-8 years and occasionally sell something I no longer want that may be of some value. I recently sold roughly 50 single DVDs, as well as a lot of over 100 DVDs. I also sold a camper valued at $9000 on Ebay, so you can say that Ebay got a nice chunk of money from me over the years with their fees. The reason I am writing this is because I just recently received an email from Ebay telling me that my seller performance is below their standard?!? WHAT?! I was confused. I have never ever ever had a negative on Ebay and have ALWAYS took immediate action in the event of a problem with a transaction. I looked and had a few low stars for my shipping charges. What a low blow! Think about it. No negatives, but yet Ebay is telling me that Im not doing a good enough job? How dare them! Who pays for Ebay? Sellers. Who does Ebay cater to? BUYERS. I am trying to understand this logically but not connecting the dots. I don't have and NEVER had a negative on Ebay. More than 10% of your earnings from Ebay get sucked out of your account by the time you pay your fees to Ebay and Paypal, both owned by Ebay. As soon as I receive payment, I ship my items out immediately, and address any buyer issues promptly. Ebay is telling me I'm under standards because they say my shipping charges are too high?

I recently sold over 50 single DVDs starting at PENNIES on the dollar. My shipping charges are not outreagous, but yes, I may make a few pennies on the dollar per transaction on shipping. ALL of my shipping charges are CLEARLY displayed on my auctions, as to not confused a buyer. I do not hold a gun to the buyer's head when they bid. Ebay can charge you fee after fee after fee to list on their site, but let a seller try to make a little money on shipping, and you get slammed with a seller performance Email. Sellers can leave negative feedback and scores to sellers at will, sellers cannot. Buyers dont pay Ebay ANYTHING. Sellers are the pedistal of Ebay. Who does Ebay defend? BUYERS! Maybe us sellers on Ebay need to set up a week and just totally STOP selling on Ebay and see if Ebay changes their rules around! I am going to end with telling ebay this. you know what Ebay? You kiss my white rear! I'll just start selling on Amazon!
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Re: Ebay Rant Seller performance below standard? WHAT?

Postby Ian on Sun Apr 25, 2010 6:40 pm

Yeah, I don't get it. I don't think some people live in reality. I recently sold an item on eBay and the buyer complained that I was charging $10 to ship it. He said that due to the poor economy, I should be charging like $6. Sorry dude.. it costs more than $6 to ship from Wisconsin to California.

Sadly, eBay owns the auction market. There isn't anything out there that compares.
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Re: Ebay Rant Seller performance below standard? WHAT?

Postby sandmonitor on Tue Dec 07, 2010 1:13 am

I have 100 percent feedback. All of my listings have been removed due to seller performance & my account has been suspended indefinitely. So long ebay, hello amazon
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Re: Ebay Rant Seller performance below standard? WHAT?

Postby lrlewis on Fri May 13, 2011 6:27 am

I too, am a victim of this outrage. My seller performance went below standard, when I shipped items during the Christmas holidays that got damaged in shipping. The buyer entered disputes with Ebay before contacting me. Although, I had no problem with the buyer ( the buyer either received full refund or another item ), ebay says because the buyer entered a dispute this counts against me and lowered the number of items I can sell. I sold over $60,000 of equipment with 2 mac towers getting damaged. I paid Ebay more than $2000 each month. I did not have any buyers unhappy after the transaction ended. I did not receive negative.

Go figure. I am in the process of creating my own store front and will leave Ebay as soon as it done. I think Ebay has no concept of true customer service. I ship same day of payment, most of my shipments are free, I don't try to rip anyone off. I get excellent " better than expected " on items by buyers, but because a couple of buyer contacted Ebay before contacting me I'm below standard.

These people need to be taught a lesson. A lot of sellers have made money, because Ebay provides a forum where there items are made visible, but Ebay make a ton of money from this, most at the seller expense. What does Ebay do for the seller?

I think a boycott is appropriate. How about sellers stop listing for a few days. I wish I knew how to make this happen. I went from $20,000 a month to $200 this month. I'm retired and use my Ebay sales to supplement my retirement income. I have more than $6000 of equipment in my garage that I can't sell because they gave me a limit of the number of items I can sell.

I plan to go zero as soon as I can make my storefront visible.
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