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"empty DMA table"?

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"empty DMA table"?

Postby nordic bro on Wed Feb 25, 2004 4:28 am

Hi -

I'm running win98 as a guest under vmware4. I'm using vmware's scsi-mode for two Lite-on DVD drives since IDE doesn't work (I think because writing doesn't work under Linux unless using Linux's SCSI emulation). In the win98 dev mgr there's no DMA setting for either DVD like if I was using IDE. According to Linux hda-c are using DMA.

The problem is that when dvdshrink (3.1.4) is reading I see log messages like this:

kernel: empty DMA table?

There are tens of thousands of these messages that show up continuously while dvdshrink is reading (and I've seen the same thing with earlier dvdshrink revs but don't think it has anything to do with dvdshrink).

Anyone know what's going on and/or how to fix it? I think the messages are benign partly because copying works fine but believe they're chewing up cycles since copies take 2-4x as long as if I just ran win98 natively.

nordic bro
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