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A CD encoded in an unknown format - What is it?

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A CD encoded in an unknown format - What is it?

Postby dy on Sat Nov 30, 2002 7:57 pm

A very strange thing:

I recieved a "blank" Memorex CD-R bundled with a new LG-CW16-8160B CD-Rewritable drive, distributed by Pine. The drive works fine, as does the Roxio application software. The weirdness is that the "blank" CD isn't blank! It looks to be about 3/5 full. Placing it into the CD-R drive causes it to do the usual sizing and calibration stuff, then the Read lamp comes on and flickers rapidly, like data is being read at a high rate of speed, but otherwise nothing happens except that any program that attempts to access this drive hangs for a long time. Even the eject button on the drive itself takes a very long time to respond. I've tried to read this disc in a regular CD drive, and don't get any of the above mentioned effects, other than nothing seems to be able to recogize the format.
I know this is a minor issue, and i certainly have better ways to waste my time, but I'm Dying to know what's on this. Any ideas about how i can find out, and make the drive behave with this disc? - Thanks
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Re: A CD encoded in an unknown format - What is it?

Postby dodecahedron on Sat Nov 30, 2002 9:58 pm

dy wrote:It looks to be about 3/5 full.

how did you figure that out, as you can't read the disc?
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Postby glock20rocks on Sat Nov 30, 2002 10:34 pm

On most discs you can look at the bottom of it and see how much is written...thus Yamaha's Disk T@2...

Postby BillyG on Sun Dec 01, 2002 7:00 am

I think you got a bad CD-R... instead of wasting time figuring whats on it, just toss it in the trash can! :P
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