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Feurio! 1.67 available

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Feurio! 1.67 available

Postby Han on Sat Feb 07, 2004 11:54 am

Feurio!® is an integrated software for creating audio CDs (especially samplers) for PCs with Windows NT/2000/XP® or Windows 95/98/Millenuim®.
Feurio!® combines "Audio Grabbing" (digitally reading of an audio CD), a database for CDs (including CDDB support), a CD and Wave player, a simple Wave Editor and a CD Writer.

You can read a detailed list of the capabilities of Feurio here. You can also look at some Screenshots or simply download the current version of Feurio!®.

What's new in version 1.67:

Feurio! CD-Manager:
• Problem with importing Freedb-database:
If you havent selected the switch "compress database" during importing, the database would not run.
Reason: The databasefile was longer than 512 MB.
Until this version, Feurio! had accessed the files in "memory mapped" mode.
Unfortunately, Windows 2000 and XP support "memory mapped files" only up to a size of 512 MB.
We have changed the access mode; now it should run even if the file is greater than 512 MB.

• Error corrections:
Many small problems were solved.

Feurio! CD-Writer:
• New CD/DVD burners
A-Open CD-RW CRW4850
A-Open CD-RW CRW5232
A-Open CD-RW CRW4850
A-Open CD-RW CRW5224
CyberDrive CW078D
CyberDrive CW088D
CyberDrive CW099D
HP CD-Writer cd16f (no guarantee)
LG GCE 4480
LG GCC 4120B
LG GCC 4320B
LG GCE 8480B
LG GCE 8481B
LG GCE 8520B
Lite-On LTR-52327S
Lite-On LTR-48246S (no guarantee)
Lite-On LTR-52246S
Mitsumi CR-485E TE
MSI Dragonwriter MS-8348A
NEC NR-9300A
NEC ND-1300A
NEC NR-9400A
NEC ND-1100A (no guarantee)
Pioneer DVR-A05 (no guarantee)
Pioneer DVR-A06
Philips CDRW5200
Plextor Plexwriter PX-W5224A
Plextor Plexwriter PX-W4012S (Plexwriter 40/12/40S)
Plextor PX-W320A (PlexCombo 20/10/40-12A)
Plextor PX-504A
Plextor Plexwriter Premium
Plextor PX-708A
Samsung SW-252B
Samsung SW-252F
Samsung SM-352
Sony DRU-510
Sony CRX 215A1 (no guarantee)
Sony CRX 220A1
Sony CRX 220E1
Sony CRX 210E1 (no guarantee)
Sony DW-U10A
Sony DRU-500
TDK CyClone 241040B (no guarantee)
TDK CyClone 482448B
Teac CD-W548E
Teac DW-224E
Teac DV-W50E
Teac DV-W50D
Teac CD-W552E
Toshiba SD-R5002
Toshiba SD-R5112
Traxdata CDRW 481248tx (no guarantee)
Traxdata CDRW 522452tx (no guarantee)
Yamaha CRW F1

• Detection of DVD-R, output of DVD-vendorcode and DVD-ATIP-Data:
We have implemented a detection of DVD-R and DVD+R media.
If you have a DVD-Writer supported by Feurio!, Feurio! will display type of dvd-media, capacity and dvd-vendor.
Also, you can display all pre-recordered data (like atip-data on cd-r) of a dvdr.
IMPORTANT: The output of the dvd-vendorcode for dvd+r media does only work if your writer supports reading of dvd+r-vendorcode; many DVD+RW writes cannot read the vendorcode of a DVD+R!
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