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firmware difference "plextor" PX-880 vs lite-on iHA*


firmware difference "plextor" PX-880 vs lite-on iHA*

Postby PX-880 is a lite-on on Sun Aug 30, 2009 10:58 pm

Is there a major (substantive) difference between the "plextor" PX-880SA firmware and the 'equivalent' liteon iHAS* upon which the plextor is based?

other than manufacture name and model information?

please provide authoritative citations if you have them

(wiki*edia doesn't count as authoritative on anything)

purity matters
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PX-880 is a lite-on
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Re: firmware difference "plextor" PX-880 vs lite-on iHA*

Postby Ian on Mon Aug 31, 2009 12:49 am

Aside from the fact that the firmware on the Plextor drives is now encrypted so that you can't rip it and put it on a Lite-On?
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