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FlashFix -new version

Burn baby burn!

FlashFix -new version

Postby dimitri on Wed Jan 15, 2003 7:02 pm

Just released today.
What's new? It has a GUI now!
Here it is patching XS0X:


The patching engine is still the same.

Taking the opportunity to clear a point or 2:
Flashfix does not flash your drive. It fixes the Windows flasher utility so it will allow to flash all drives.
It does not change the firmware at all, it only cancel the version/model checkup of the flashing utility.
It works on the Windows versions of JLMS/Liteon 165/166 DVD and most Liteon CDRW flasher utilities.

you know where to find it 8)

have fun!
All the best, dimitri (a.k.a digi, mango)
digi.rpc1.org | digidvd.tk
LiteOn/Jlms dvd drives: info, firmware, regional freedom :cool:
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