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FLT Files?

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FLT Files?

Postby sappersmudge on Wed Dec 31, 1969 11:06 pm

What programme do I use to burn Flt Files?
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Postby eFrisky on Wed Dec 31, 1969 11:09 pm

I'm not sure that I've ever heard of .flt files before. Are you sure that you aren't meant to rename the file to ".iso" or ".bin"?

You could try importing the image file (if that's what it is) in Nero and burning it as a Foreign Image file. Use a CD-RW disc, then you won't waste it if it's bad :)
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Postby Intimidator on Wed Dec 31, 1969 11:10 pm

First of all you have to know what a *.flt file is before you can know what to do with it. Here are various types of *.flt files

.FLT Corel Graphic Filter
StarTrekker Music Module
MulitGen Open Flight File
OS/2 Warp Filter Device Driver
Asymetrix Graphics Filter Support File
Micrografx Picture Publisher Filter
MS Graphics Filter

Primarily the *.flt is a graphics filter of some type. Are you sure you have the right file like eFrisky mentioned?
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Postby LorDAngeR on Thu Jan 01, 1970 12:02 am

the FLT files he's reffering to is most likely FairLighT (the release group) ISO.
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