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Gigarec + Audio CD + Mode 1 and Mode 2?????

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Gigarec + Audio CD + Mode 1 and Mode 2?????

Postby X-Nemesis on Sun Sep 28, 2003 11:24 pm

Ok...what does Mode 1 and Mode 2 mean in Gigarec settings. How do I make Plextools burn in mode 1. I'm wanting to burn audio cd's and am assuming that I would stand a better chance at burning a workable Mode1 cd since it is smaller than mode 2 and therefore the pits would be larger? Is this correct?

Can someone tell me how to burn in mode 1? Or does Plextools determine that automatically based upon the size of the info to be burned?
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Postby cfitz on Sun Sep 28, 2003 11:30 pm

Mode 1 and mode 2 have the same general numbers of pits and lands, and neither is inherently smaller or larger. What differs is how many of those pits and lands are devoted to user data and how many to error control. See this topic for some more information.

If you are burning a CDA audio disc, you don't have a choice. CDA discs don't technically use either mode 1 or mode 2 (which are for computer data and mixed computer data/multimedia data). CDA discs use the original Red book format.

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