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harddrives and file compression

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Postby mooseboy84 on Wed Dec 31, 1969 10:22 pm

i had a talk with my friend a while back about harddrives and file compression. he was talking about how hds are getting larger and larger. i told him that was great and all but its not needed unless you have cable or a hi speed internet setup.

now for those of you that dont have hi speed service yet, it may seem strange how someone could use a 20 or 40 or 60+gb drive. but trust me, once you get fat pipes youll be downloading everything you can. i could easliy download 500mb a day. sometimes more.[my cd burners in the mail]i have 100mb of hd space on my 9.5gb. i have probably download and deleted 1gb or more stuff in the last 6 months, i just had too because i couldnt toss my porn and my mp3s.


i said that file compression was 10x more important than hd size. i asked him if it was theoretically possible to compress a huge file [say 50mb] to just a few killobytes, and he said no with a long technical reply about data sectors and kernels, etc.

now no matter your download speed, having a file be smaller will bennifit everyone who downloads. it would totaly be a better investment working on software that compressed a file 25 times than spending money designing 100gb ata133 drives.
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Postby MR AGB3 on Wed Dec 31, 1969 10:22 pm

Hard Drives are Cheap now.. 120 gigs for under 300 dollars.. yo can't beat that... More space than most folks will ever need... It sure beats the hell out of my 8 gig Seagate........ oh that is another story
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