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Hardware conflicts on Soltek SL75 KAV

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Hardware conflicts on Soltek SL75 KAV

Postby jamessampson on Sat Dec 14, 2002 4:43 pm


Whenever I insert a Creative SoundBlaster Vibra 16 PCI into my Soltek Sl75 KAV kt133a motherboard, it causes hardware conflicts between my graphics card (GeForce 2 Ti) and network card (Intel 8255 - PCI). The PC begins fine, but just as windows begins to load it freezes. I can get into safe mode, but just shows the conflicts, but there is nothing to do which can resolve it.

I have tried placing the sound card in different PCI slots and moving the network card around to no avail. I cannot update the sound card drivers as I cannot get into Windows. I have also tried underclocking the cpu and fsb (it is overclocked at present). I've made sure the onboard sound (AC97) is disabled in Windows and in the bios. I have been in contact with Creative, but they have failed to respond with a suitable reply.

Is there a known work-around with this motheboard and sound card or anything I can do to resolve it?

Thanks in advance


My PC -

AMD Duron 900 @ 1000mhz
Soltek SL75 KAV kt133a
384mb PC133 RAM
Gainward GeForce 2 Ti (28.32 drivers)
LiteOn 16x DVD ROM (LTD 166s)
Yamaha 4/4/16e CD/RW
Intel 8255 network card (PCI)
Windows 98 (all Service Packs and updates)
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Postby Derek on Sat Dec 14, 2002 8:33 pm

First, do you have the LATEST VIA 4in1 drivers? They make a big difference. Second, is the BIOS up to date?

Creative Labs cards are very finnicky when it comes to hardware configurations. They also tend to hate certian VIA setups. Tutle Beach Santa Cruz is a good card for around $50 if you want to replace that Creative.

Also, check out www.amdforums.com . Someone there might be able to assist you.

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