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Help! LG-GSA 4081B stuck in RAM mode?


Help! LG-GSA 4081B stuck in RAM mode?

Postby Poita on Sun May 01, 2005 7:53 pm

I live in South Korea and bought an LG-GSA 4081B DVD multi drive.
I don’t exactly know what the ‘RAM’ drive feature does but the upshot of my problem is that I ran the ‘DVD-RAM Driver v2.1’ exe that came on the cd by mistake and it altered my drive.
The drives id in my computer is now ‘DVD-RAM’. And it does not recognize any DVD’s that I insert into the drive.
I tried to find an uninstall feature but couldn’t find any option to do that. I even formatted my entire HD and re installed XP but it’s still designated a DVD-RAM. I even took the drive out and tried it in another computer and it’s the same.
Can anyone tell me why it’s stuck in that designation and how I get it back to being a DVD reader/writer? I have updated the firmware to 104 but still no change.
The online manual only has limited info on how to use a RAM dirve.
There are various tools on the CD: DVDForm (format?), DVDRAMSV, DVD Tool, W RAMAsst, Setup, WPTool. . . . . I can’t find any way for any of these to reverse the setting.

Additional info:
About 8 moths ago I vaguely remember doing the same thing but somehow changing it back to a DVD reader/writer but now can’t and don’t remember how I did last time.

I took it to my local LG service center but they refused to look at it because it was meant to be sold outside of Korea (and therefore cheaper). I guess some enterprising wag diverted some product and sold it in the domestic Korean market (store has disappeared.)
I tried to tell him that I just need this advice but there was a language problem and without looking at it he declared that it needs a new lens and that it would cost the same to fix it as I paid for it. I don’t think he understood that it had been converted to dedicated RAM drive though.
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