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How to burn raw MP3 files arranged in a specifed order

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How to burn raw MP3 files arranged in a specifed order

Postby dforion on Mon Apr 05, 2004 1:03 pm

I like to burn MP3 files as raw MP3 files for playback in my portable MP3-capable CD player and car MP3-capable CD Receiver.

It seems when burning raw MP3 files as data files, drag-and-drop has no effect on the order, as Nero 5.5 re-arranges the files in alphabetical order.

By re-naming the files with the prefix 01, 02, 03.... I can force the order I want. But this requires me to rename every file. And if I wish to change the order, I must then re-name the files again.

Does anyone know another way to do this or another software program that will respect MY drag-and-drop order?

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Postby CCampbell on Mon Apr 05, 2004 1:11 pm

Data CD's follow a standard that forces all data to be written in Alphabetical order.

And MP3 CD is basicly a Data CD and is forced to follow the same rules.

The only work around is the one you are using currently, or you can create a PlayList, and in the playlist set the order you want the songs to be played back in. And as long as your MP3 Player supports PlayLists, it will play it in the order designated by the playlist, and not the order they are written to the CD.


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Postby dodecahedron on Tue Apr 06, 2004 9:01 am

search the forum.
this issue has been discussed before.
and some links were given to some apps that do all the naming stuff for you.

a couple of link to try out (i'm not sure it's quite what you want):
http://www.dpaehl.de/ - Easy ISO by Dirk Paehl
http://www.mp3br.com/e/html/mp3img.html - MP3BR Imager, music burning program, long filenames, ordered playslist!
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Postby dforion on Wed Apr 21, 2004 3:21 pm

Thanks dodecahedron!

The first link you provided isn't working at the moment, and the second one for MP3BR is a program that is just too confusing for me to use. It claims to be able to write an Image file, but none gets written for me. The ID3 tag editor is rough and primitive.

I would like the share what is the best program for M3U Playlists I have found thus far: [Dione] Software Solutions Playlist Editor: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/thorin92/d ... dssple.htm. This program works well and is easy to understand. The HELP system is clear and professional. Though it may not be the ultimate M3U playlist editor, it certainly gets very hight marks from me. Just remember if you are creating a MP3 CD for use in an MP3-compatible car or portable CD player be sure to save the Playlist in a "Relative Folder".

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