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How do I hook up my 4 pin 120mm fans to my fan controller?

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How do I hook up my 4 pin 120mm fans to my fan controller?

Postby ckang007 on Mon Apr 12, 2004 4:37 am

I just got myself a cooldrive 4 today and I want to hook up my Super Lanboy 120mm case fan to the controller. Problem is that my fans are 4 pins only and the cooldrive 4 only supports 3 pins. And it seems like my rear case fan is not long enough to reach to the front of the case too. I know there are 3pin to 4 pin adaptors but are there ones that are 4 pin to 3pin? if not, what can i do?

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Postby tazdevl on Mon Apr 12, 2004 10:48 am

Get an adapter.

Check out www.directron.com

Or you can just splice it off an old 3 pin fan you have. The rightmost wire if you're looking at a 3 pin termination from the top is for RPMs and shouldn't impact a fan controller.
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