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InCD Change Log

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InCD Change Log

Postby Ian on Mon Apr 19, 2004 10:31 am

Change log is online:


Features Added
UDF 2.0x and 2.50 support
Advanced format mode added to access the new UDF 2.x support
Close session errors are now signalled to the user
DRT-DM support

Bug Fixes
Fixed a possible data corruption after high amount of read/write iterations
DVD-RW discs - the disc was marked read-only during large write
Small memory leak during unloading of InCDPass fixed
InCDSrv.exe could crash during querying of directory
Some requests for first directory item were wrongly processed
Different sizes were reported after full format procedure of a DVD-RW depending on verification being on or off
For MRW formatted medias, format type information in InCD tab was not correct after soft load
Implementation of DRT-DM is now much more stable in case of CD-RW support
Format workarounds for some old drives
Workaround Implemented for some drives' defective MRW implementation
"Disc type" static text field was too small for multiple language
Under specific conditions the OS would hang during format
Workaround: some drives can't answer to some commands while a physical background format is in progress
Options dialog window would stay below other windows
Improved estimation of the close-track duration
There were too many “Send to” shortcuts
The “Advanced” button is enabled and disabled in the same conditions as the “Start” button is
Drawing issue of the progress bar during DVD+RW full erase
“MRW Format on all MRW-capable drives” check box went wrongly back to the third state in some cases
InCD interfered with Nero Burning ROM (multi-session on UDF, UDF/ISO DVD-RW data disk)
Because of InCD, Nero VisionExpress would fail on -VR import
InCD crashed when DVD+MRW format failed on some drives
A workaround was made to get a correct free space display in the device properties (Windows 9x / ME systems), after a DVD+RW disc erase process
StartSmart and InCD format dialog would pop up together when a blank disc was inserted
Under specific conditions, the format progress bar would stay at 100%
On Windows XP, the “Auto-Play” dialog box would appear after trying to format a write-protected blank DVD-RAM
Under specific conditions, the “Advanced format options” dialog box would only be partially translated
Overall stability improved
In some specific circumstances, the right-click menu would not correctly work for DVD-RAM discs
A bluescreen after full format and shut down is fixed
Updater issue when updating from to

If you try reading an MRW disc on a non MRW drive, an HTML file is usually displayed

The HTML files have been updated
EasyWriteReader is now included
"Blu-ray is just a bag of hurt." - Steve Jobs
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Postby Ian on Mon Apr 19, 2004 11:03 am

"Blu-ray is just a bag of hurt." - Steve Jobs
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