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My CD-RW isn't formatting CD-RW disk's properly!

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My CD-RW isn't formatting CD-RW disk's properly!

Postby GMBGarou on Sun Apr 06, 2003 5:39 pm

I have a LG model 8160B 16X10X40X CD-Burner. I am using Windows XP (SP1) Today I tried to format one fo my 700 MB CD-RW disks so that I can use the Drag n' Drop mode for EZ CD Creator. However after I formatted the CD, it said that I had a total of 570 MB of total space on the CD. I said to myself. "Okay. This is not right, that number should be 700 MB." I tried it with a different CD-RW disk, but it said the same thing. Then I tried it on my 650 MB CD-RW disks that were brand new out of the package, and it STILL said the same thing. I was using Easy CD-Creator 5 and then I upgrade to version 6. It didn't resolve the issue. So I updated the firmware on my CD-RW to the latest version (latest to the date of this post) and THAT didn't work either. So I formatted my entire hard drive, and reinstalled windows. I tried it again and it still didn't solve the problem.

I also tried using the latest version of Nero Burning Rom to format the same types of Media. (of course disabling Easy CD Creator software FIRST) However when it finished formatting, the media came up to be 0 bytes total free space. What is the problem here?
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Postby cfitz on Sun Apr 06, 2003 5:56 pm

No, your drive and software are normal. The formatting required to do packet writing uses up a fair amount of the CD's capacity. The original results you were seeing were just fine.

As for the odd behavior with Nero (I assume you mean InCD), that is probably due to the fact that you had already installed DirectCD, and the two don't get along. I know you tried "disabling Easy CD Creator software FIRST", but did you still have DirectCD running? Even if you think you didn't, there is a fairly good chance remnants of it were left behind and interfering.

I'm sorry you did all this work for nothing. I wish you had checked in here first. :(

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