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Just WHAT D522452EU did I buy? (1st CD-RW) And CD-R's?

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Just WHAT D522452EU did I buy? (1st CD-RW) And CD-R's?

Postby j_c_hallgren on Mon Jan 20, 2003 5:24 pm

BEFORE I knew about this site, i did some quick shopping yesterday...Bought a Digital Research D522452EU (52x) for $90 open box at Best Buy...It says "I/O Magic" on drive bottom...so just WHAT did I get? Good/Ok/Bad? Will be using it with Dell Latitude CPi 366XT so I know that my speeds are very limited due to USB 1.1...However, when used with other systems, it might be ok, I hope!

I will be using this as file backup only...not into music!

The software is NTI Cd-Maker 5.1...is this OK? I hear that Nero is the standard...true? Presume that Nero works with this drive, right?

And the first 50 pack of CD-R I bought was Imation labeled 48x...have not opened yet..are these worth the $2.99 after MIR that I will spend?

Thanks in advance!!!
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Postby BuddhaTB on Mon Jan 20, 2003 6:11 pm

Your drive should be okay. I'm not exactly sure who makes your Digitial Research 52x2452 USB2.0 External CD-RW drive, so I can't really say much about it. If the drive works well for you, then you have a good drive. Use it for a few weeks and you can report back to us how the drive has been performing. Nero is the "standard" by which all burning programs are measured against. Nero is overall the best burning software avilable today and it should work with your new drive. Just make sure you have it updated to the newest version. The Imation CD's you bought iare a pretty good deal, but there was a better deal you probably missed. It is the Fuji 100-pack of CD-R's for $7.99 after rebates. Fuji CD's are made by Taiyo Yuden and are simply the Best. I would either keep your your Imations if you do a lot of burning or just return it and pick up the Fuji's. Better act fast as they tend to sell out on Sunday.

Fuji CD-R Deal
http://www.bestbuy.com/detail.asp?e=110 ... 6&scat=517
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Postby cfitz on Mon Jan 20, 2003 6:31 pm

Only fate knows what you bought. If it says IoMagic on the bottom, then it probably is an IoMagic drive. And looking at the pictures on the BestBuy and IoMagic sites, it does appear to be an IoMagic enclosure. However, I'm not sure that IoMagic actually makes drives either. People in the past have reported Benq and Optorite drives in their IoMagic boxes. So, your guess is as good as mine on who made your drive. What gets reported as the drive identifier string and firmware when you run Nero InfoTool? (free download at www.cdspeed2000.com )

I'm a little surprised you got NTI software in your box. The BestBuy web site says the drive comes with Nero.

As for the Imation CD-Rs, I say follow BuddhaTB's advice and exchange them for the Fuji discs on special at BestBuy. Some people swear by Imation/CMC discs, but others swear at them. Most everyone agrees Fuji/TY discs are tops.

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Postby UALOneKPlus on Tue Jan 21, 2003 4:00 am

as a FYI:

The thread is continued here:

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Postby cfitz on Tue Jan 21, 2003 12:15 pm

Thank you for the link, UALOneKPlus. That should help others follow this thread.

As an additional aid to any who may be trying to follow this thread, here is a summary of the results:

The drive in question is a Benq, and Digital Research ships either NTI or Nero in these boxes. There is no way to know which is in the box ahead of time, but Digital Research will supply a Nero serial number to those who get NTI but want Nero.

j_c_hallgren wrote:Sorry for this long post BUT as follow-up to my first, I thought it should be under a Subject others could find...

Here's the chat session...with a couple of items masked...as not public info...

Todd: Welcome to Live Chat. This is Todd. How can I help you?
you: Bought D522452EU yesterday...NO trace of this product on your web site! And Model Me-320-XX Serial #$$$$$$ by I/O Magic says to me just WHO made this ???? I have heard today of bad things about some drives..
Todd: im sorry, what do you need?
you: Who made the actual drive internals? Lite-On or Plextor or who? And is this just too new for your web site?
Todd: benq
you: That's what I was AFRAID of! Two web site have VERY bad things to say about them, it seems...
Todd: do you need anything else?
you: Are all your drives made by Benq?
Todd: all of the 52x are
you: who makes the 48x externals
Todd: btc and benq
you: Guess I'll may be shopping for another brand then...Unless YOU can convince me!
Todd: I don't know what you heard about Benq and I don't know what truth there is to that.
you: Message boards CDRLabs and CDFreaks that I found today
Todd: I have not noticed any problems specifically with the BenQ drives.
you: Various users of those boards have..it seems..
Todd: I don't know what you heard about Benq and I don't know what truth there is to that.
you: Message boards CDRLabs and CDFreaks that I found today
Todd: I have not noticed any problems specifically with the BenQ drives.
you: Various users of those boards have..it seems..
Todd: I see.
you: BUT at least I was able to get some support rather quickly by this chat! So that is in your favor!
Todd: alright, if you get our drive we will be happy to help you with any problems you have and if you dont, good luck and enjoy your drive.
you: And do any of your drives have NERO?
Todd: yes
you: Is this not one?
Todd: this?
you: the 52x..It had NTI C/D in box..
Todd: we send one or the other
you: Is it random luck?
Todd: pretty much
you: No way to tell before box open?
Todd: no
you: Thats QUITE unfortunate! For your customers...a external sticky would be nice!
Todd: I agree
you: For new user, it may not matter..but I heard for last year from friends..get Nero!
Todd: we can supply nero for those who get nti and want nero
you: OH? Really?? Very GOOD answer!!! And how would one do so? It might make the diff!
Todd: you can go to www.nero.com and download nero
Todd: Try this serial number: $$$$-$$$$-$$$$-$$$$-$$$$-$$$$
you: Is that the common OEM number as I had with my scanner s/w?
Todd: what do you mean by common number?
you: A generic nbr not specific to my ID/name...used for bulk installs...
Todd: no, that is just one of many that we have
you: Ok...so i know how safe i have to keep it..some new protect schemes in TurboTax are very picky, i hear...I was not planning to share it...
Todd: may I ask how it matters?
you: If I lost track of it, some things are hard to re-install with another new number...if i had to...on this machine, of course...
Todd: I could give you a brand new number is you want.
you: Thats only needed IF I have problems!
Todd: alright
you: And i guess I'll have to get a friend to download it...i'm on dial-up so...it might take forever!
you: So I guess I should plug/play this unit and see what happens....and get some more info from various sources...read up on other reviews..etc
Todd: yeah
you: in any case, "talking" with you has eased my fears a bit! Thanks!!!
Todd: No Problem, and if you still need help feel free to come back and chat with us again.
Todd: Thank you for using I/O Magic Live Chat! Have a great day!
Chat session has been terminated by the site operator

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