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Lite-On LTR-48125W 48/12/48 CD-RW Autoclose problems

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Lite-On LTR-48125W 48/12/48 CD-RW Autoclose problems

Postby LalfonsoB on Sat Nov 15, 2003 10:20 am

Hey guys, I need some help.

I want to disable autoclose in this drive because sometimes it drives me crazy. If I open the drive is ok, but if Nero or Explorer opens the drive it keeps opening and closing. I have to put my hand in the drive's door to keep it from opening. Is a great feaure but is giving me a lot of problems.

Thanks, I went all over google and this forum(ok, just 10 pages :D )
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Postby CDRecorder on Sun Nov 16, 2003 1:49 am

Welcome to CDRLabs, LalfonsoB! :D

The behavior you are experiencing doesn't sound normal. What firmware version do you have? If you go to the "Recorder" menu in Nero and click "Choose Recorder...", it will tell you which firmware version your drive has.

Also, do you know what chipset your computer's motherboard has?
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