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lite-on 48 speed combo or lg 48 speed combo

Burn baby burn!

lite-on 48 speed combo or lg 48 speed combo

Postby dellboy on Sun May 18, 2003 8:23 pm


bit of a a dilemma , i was looking at buying the new lite-on
48 speed combo or the lg 48 speed combo, does anyone
know which one would be the best , or is it best to wait for
the samsung 52 speed combo which still is not available in the
uk yet.

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Postby hammad on Sun May 18, 2003 10:42 pm


i think its better to wait.
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Postby CDRecorder on Mon May 19, 2003 12:14 am

With all due respect to hammad, I don't think that it's worth waiting, at least if you don't already have some kind of drive. My reason is that the difference between the time a 48x drive takes to burn a disc and the time a 52x drive takes is about 10 - 20 seconds.

From prior experience with Lite-On drives, I would recommend the Lite-On. The LG is pretty good, too, I believe, so you could probably get either one without problems.

I hope that helped! :)
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Postby jedimc on Mon May 19, 2003 3:21 am

maybe if you wait long enough a faster combo drive will come out
Both the liteon and Lg are good but having a drive that is a litle faster then your friends is good :wink:
I have a LG GCE-8520B 52/24/52
and Samsung CD-ROM SC-148T
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Postby blakerwry on Mon May 19, 2003 12:55 pm

LG has been good to me(i have 2 of their 32x combos), I was going to buy one of the 52x samsungs, that is.. until I read the reviews on newegg... looks like half of them are just duds...

Don't know what's up with Samsung Quality control, but I won't be buying this drive when I can get an LG instead.
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