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Lkg for Benq 5224P fw bin to upgrd Benq 4824P (48X) to 52X

Burn baby burn!

Lkg for Benq 5224P fw bin to upgrd Benq 4824P (48X) to 52X

Postby VEFF on Tue Jul 29, 2003 9:26 am

I recently bought my second KHypermedia 48X24X48X (both FAR at OM
acquired during different promotions).

The first with firmware F.CZ was easily upgraded to 5224W by simply using the 52X firmware exe, since it doesn't do a check, and the drives
are apparently identical.

The second, with firmware D.LC, is NOT upgradeable by simply using the .exe of the 52X; instead it needs the binary (.bin file) of the 52X (Benq 5224P) drive's firmware in order to be upgraded.
I am not sure which utility would do the upgrade; I thought I did some research a few months ago on this.

Someone who upgraded the D.LC model said it actually made the drive slower (at end of burn?). I just want to try it for experimentation purposes... :)

If anyone has the firmware bin file for the 5224P, I would appreciate it if you could contact me by PM

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