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Looking for Firmware For LG 8320B OEM Drive.

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Looking for Firmware For LG 8320B OEM Drive.

Postby silversets2000 on Wed Nov 05, 2003 1:07 am


I recently bought an LG 8320B (m2A) CDRW drive. Will I started looking for any firmware upgrads as there is a HIgher number release mentioned on LG's web site.. However, that is for retail Drives only.

I saw a few post regarding some Tinkering with a Few versions and flashers. Thumbs up to the guys who figured that out.

What I don't know.. Can the same thing be done to the OEM drive? Or Better yet Does someone know where an OEM Version of the firmware is? I did see a Link to " the firmware page" that had 1.04 listed...

Overclocking is kinda cool ( it's fun) I would be happy with the Updated OEM version of the Firmware:) It was made for Compaq as there is a Compaq Part number on the sticker. Compacq does show an update of some sort exist. HOwever the page is down as part of the Lets smash HP and compaq together and mess up the web sites so no one can find anything.:) HP's web site wants a desktop model number. SO UGhhh
Compaq part number is 265902-M30

anyways if someone could help me out here. I'm not done searching.
This unit is F/W rev 1.05 May 2002...
Seems this drive has gotten some attention. well it's REtail cousin has.
Thanks in advance for any help.

IF the retail firmware updates can be done that would be great I just don't wanna FRY a new drive.
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