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Looking for Samsung CD/RW drivers

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Looking for Samsung CD/RW drivers

Postby martin.knapp on Tue Aug 19, 2003 11:25 am

Hello from a neophyte.

My Samsung SW232 CDRW installed on an HP Pavilion has apparently given up the ghost (Windows XP Home Edition). Rebooting in W98 makes the device visible, so apparently it's not the hardware.

Now, I would like to reinstall the driver. However thanks to the new and wonderful ways of marketing PCs the only way I can do this is to reinstall the whole of Windows - thus of course annihilating all the other stuff I have painstakingly installed since getting the machine, I will have to go back and reinstall it. Plus of course I hate doing this without a backup - and I can't backup to my CD drive!!!

So the ideal solution would be to download and reinstall the driver separately (something that the restore process that comes with the machine won't allow, and no they don't give you the Windows CD any more, it's outrageous!!).

Funny thing is, I can't find anywhere to download the driver from, neither MS nor Samsung (Samsung seems only to offer firmware and that only for its latest products). Can anyone help me find the appropriate driver??

Many thanks

Perplexed... :-?
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Postby CDRecorder on Tue Aug 19, 2003 12:25 pm

Welcome to CDRLabs, Martin.knapp! :D

Since you're running Windows 98 or XP, you don't need a driver for your CD-RW drive.

Just to clarify, is the problem that the drive shows up in Win98 but not in XP?

If that is the problem, try going into Device manager in XP and uninstalling the drive (if you see it) and the secondary IDE channel. Then reboot.

I hope this helped! :D
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