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CD-Mate Question

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CD-Mate Question

Postby zanyboy71x on Thu Jan 01, 1970 1:38 am

Quick question for any CD-Mate experts out there. Whenever I am creating a new data or audio compilation, if I add too much data or too many songs, cd-mate just closes. Bam, its gone. This has happened a few times for me now. Can't understand why. Dragging songs or data into the cue window, and the program just closes. Has anyone else had this hapen to them? I am using a Lite On 40x, Win 2K, Athlon XP 1800, 512 Ram. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Postby dimitri on Thu Jan 01, 1970 1:58 am

CdMate might be quite a good cloning program.
However, as a compiling software, especially for audio, it's a piece of no good, utterly unreliable waste of time.

I have tested it extensively and all I can say is: For mastering jobs, forget it.

Get Nero or NTI or VOB, anything...
All the best, dimitri (a.k.a digi, mango)
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Postby tenndevil on Thu Jan 01, 1970 2:10 am

At this point in time it has bugs, they are presently working on a new engine for audio bugs.....
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Postby Phil K on Thu Jan 01, 1970 2:37 am

However, Dimitri is right when it comes to audio, a selection of mp3's, it couldnt be worse.
Cloning, it is as good as clonecd. I have used it, and its never let me down in that sense. MP3's - forget it. Paticularly if using XP. Although I gather its awful no matter what OS in that regard.
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Postby mooseboy84 on Thu Jan 01, 1970 3:04 am

i dont why you are all bashing cd mate. its the best burning software out there. its light and easy to use. i use it for bruning iso and data cds. what other programs have romeo mode, not nero? i have not tryed to burn mp3s, at least not as a musical cd.

whats happening to you sounds like a bug. i have burned coutnless data cds and isos, and have not had 1 problem. with nero i would ALWAYS get problems with accessing cds after they were burned, sometimes not being able to access them at all. nero seems to leave sessions open and not finalize cds correctly, and these are cdrs im talking about. with cd mate all those problems are gone.

i would suggest you unistall cdmate, then restart your computer and reinstall it. maybe it will work correctly.
i have overburned cds well before with cdmate, its just that that my taiyo yuden 24x 700mb seem to have a max capacity of about 740mb data and anything over that will run out of space.

i ahve not used cd mate to make audio cds, so i cannot adequitly comment on the process; but i have backed up data mp3s. i use cd mate in xp and 98 and they both work fine. in xp sometimes it quits with an error, but not just disappear. like i said reinstall it and see if it works.
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