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MiniDisc format?

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MiniDisc format?

Postby CameraMan on Sat Jan 03, 2004 8:40 pm

Whats the deal with the recording format for the Sony MiniDiscs?

I'm looking do do some field recording of some audio, and need a multi-track recorder. Thinking about ganging a few of these together.

What is the compression like? The end audio result will be going on a DVD.

A true multi-track digital recording is major expensive.. $12k USD. I don't have that kinda coin.

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Postby NoSmartz on Sat Jan 03, 2004 9:51 pm

Some say that Minidisc has near cd quality sound.Not that discernable.It's sounds fine.Basically nothing to sneeze at.It can hold up tp 74 minutes and 59 seconds of music.80 minute discs are available though.Sony says you can record and erase over a million times with minidisc.It has the same sampling and frequency range as a cd.Who knows!!You can get the same results with a portable HD recorder.Personally,I think it never garnered any success here in North America cause people were tired of Sony pushing there supposedly "superior" product on us.They think there stuff is always the best.Yeah right!!!!
If you can,post a link of the digital recorder that is 12K.I found some portable digital multitrackers at guitar center for way less than that!!!!Perfect to take in the field.Here's the link.Check it out.

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