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MyDVD problem (over sized files)

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MyDVD problem (over sized files)

Postby MonteLDS on Sat Nov 16, 2002 8:09 pm

i have capture from my mini dv camera my sister wedding. i transford it via firewire to AVI format. and used MyDVD as a autho prog. anyways it keeps making one of the files Video portion into 10+ gig files and never stops.. any suggesting on what to do
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Re: MyDVD problem (over sized files)

Postby cfitz on Sun Nov 17, 2002 4:36 am

MonteLDS wrote:... and used MyDVD as a autho prog...

In bold for doofusses like myself... :lol:

Anway, have you tried using another encoder to convert the AVI into MPEG2? For example, TMPGEnc or TMPGEnc Plus. VirtualDub has a function under the 'Video' menu that will check your video stream for errors. You might try loading your original AVI file and checking to see if it is corrupted. Does the AVI file play fine in Windows Media Player when you try to play it directly without any conversion or authoring?

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