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Need help with fried athlon (also with xabre400)

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Need help with fried athlon (also with xabre400)

Postby CignaXI on Sun Dec 29, 2002 3:00 pm

I was changing my cpu's heatsink with a better fan and by an idiotic thing I did I fried my Athlon XP 1600. Is there anyway I can check and be sure that the cpu is fried and it ain't the mobo?

I also was shopping arround for a gforce4 mx440 w/tv and found the new sis xabre 400. Does anyone has it and can tell me his experience with it. I basiclly just want a card with good tv-out and a descent gaming experience(runing on low budget with my cpu fried). I also heard they were having problems with the via chipset, anything on that? I have a kt266a.

Any link on were I can find cheap cpus will be a lot of help too.
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Postby Tril- on Sun Dec 29, 2002 6:12 pm

Pull your HSF off, and examine the die of the CPU VERY CAREFULLY. If there are any chips in the die, you could have a dead CPU

but you should try pulling everything off the board pci, apg, whatevers everything cep for the cpu, ram to make sure it's really dead....


and i dunno nothing about the sis card
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Postby Ian on Sun Dec 29, 2002 7:59 pm

Newegg usually has the best prices on CPU's. The 1600+ is $57.88 with free shipping right now.
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Postby Derek on Mon Dec 30, 2002 11:28 pm

They were $49.99 a few days ago. You just missed them. But if you took the HSF off for a good ammount of time, good chances are the chip is fried. googlegear.com also has decent AthlonXP cpu prices.

Xabre400 is a good card for the budget. Do a search for a Xabre 400 review and many good sites will compare it to other cards like the GF4 MX.

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