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Nero and InCD problem - BSOD

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Nero and InCD problem - BSOD

Postby kawah on Wed Feb 19, 2003 10:43 am

I got a Buslink 52X (LiteOn 52246S) recently (with the staples deal). I installed it and it gave me BSOD on many occasions. At first I thought it was the InCD software, so I use Nero Burning ROM instead, but the problem presist. I only have CDRW disc.


Generic desktop, Duron 750, 512MB PC133, KT 133 chipset, has been working reliably (absolutely no freeze or whatever) before that.
Windows 2000 SP3
BusLink 52/24/52 (LiteOn 52246S) - firmware 6S07
Nero/InCD/PacketReader, etc from the included CD. Updated Nero and InCD to latest version on Ahead's website (this Monday 2/17, I forgot the version number).
CDRW drive is Secondary Master, LG 12X DVD-ROM is sec. slave, both UDMA

The problem seems to appear at different time, mostly but not limited to the start of the program (Nero or InCD). The message is usually cryptic has only one line (on a blue background). I had to reset the computer by hitting the button.

I realize this may not be enough information to diagnose the problem, I was hoping at least somebody may be able to point me in the right direction.

1. Could this be the fact that all I have is CDRW disc and InCD is 'fighting' with Nero, causing the problem, I am going to uninstall InCD, just to test.

2. Can Nero and DirectCD work together, I like the convenient of the 'big floppy disk' promise.At work I use Roxio Easy CD Creater/Direct CD. Packet written CD by Nero can be read by Roxio, but packet written CD by Roxio cannot be read by InCD (I wanted to do some work at home last night, but lost my files).

Unrelated question:

3. I made a bootable CD (using CDRW, Win 2k, which I legally own, with SP3) last night. It booted OK on my desktop. But when I put in in my laptop (1999 vintage, 300MHz celeron), a flashing red 'INITIALIZING CD...' came up and never go away. Does older computers have problem with CDRW disc?

4. I did not get a CDRW disc in the box (not really complaining as the price was so low), but it would have been nice if they include a 24X disc (all I have are 10x and it took a lot of time to experiment ).

I am a little new to the CDRW world, sorry if some of these may be stupid questions.

Thanks in advance,
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Postby KCK on Fri Feb 21, 2003 11:28 pm

Sorry for not responding earlier, but I wanted to update my InCD Troubleshooting Guide before referring you to it; it is now available at

http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php ... adid=64787

You should read it carefully and come back with more information.

In the meantime, here are some advices based on uneducated guesses.

You should use more CD-RW discs for testing (cf. S2-S4 in the guide).

Please report the current software configuration whenever it changes. I don't know what PacketReader you installed from the included CD, and another of your posts indicates that you may have other readers. I would advise you to remove all packet readers, and then download the latest EasyWriteReader from www.ahead.de (unfortunately Ahead makes it difficult to distinguish various versions floating around).

In fact it might be better to troubleshoot Nero first. I.e., you could remove InCD and all packet readers to see if Nero operates correctly. If not, see S11 and the MS articles listed there for possible fixes to startup problems. Once Nero works OK, you could install InCD and test it before installing EasyWriteReader.

Of course, whenever you get an error message, you should write it down and post it here. Remember that even seemingly unimportant details could be crucial for diagnosing your problems.

As for your questions, of course Nero and InCD can coexist, and there are reports about running Nero and DirectCD together. However, I can't help you with the DirectCD aspect (I've stopped using it a long time ago), and I'm not sure if you really need it.

Since your home/work setup is quite complicated, let's address some issues consecutively.

First, let's talk about standard (non-MRW) formatting; if it works, you can try CD-MRW (Mt. Rainier) later.

If you must stick to DirectCD on your work box, please ensure that you have the latest upgrade, as well as the latest version of UDFReader.

I believe that with some effort you should get Nero, InCD and EasyWriteReader to operate correctly on your home box.

Of course, it would be best if InCD at home and DirectCD at work could operate on the same discs. This may be achieved for some combination of burners (don't forget the hardware aspect), so you should try it. If it doesn't work, check whether InCD discs produced at home can be read at work (on the burner or another reader), and vice versa. In case of failures, you may try replacing UDFReader at work by EasyWriteReader, or EasyWriteReader at home by UDFReader (after uninstalling them properly, which may need registry cleanups).

BTW, I guesss your work burner is LG GCE-8401B instead of LG4801.

As for your laptop, its reader should be MultiRead compliant to read CD-RW discs, so you should check its specification or simply try reading a standard CD-RW data disc created by Nero. Well, even my '97 notebooks could read CD-RWs, but I don't remember if they could boot with a CD-RW disc. If your laptop can boot with a CD-RW copy of W2K installation disc, there is something wrong with your bootable CD creation.
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Postby kawah on Sat Feb 22, 2003 3:40 pm

Thanks for taking the time to respond, KCK.

I will certainly check out the InCD troubleshooting guide.

I removed InCD from my home box and it works fine (a whole evening without BSOD, a first since I install the CDRW drive).

I reinstall InCD and BSOD again. This time when I have a InCD formated CDRW inserted and I tried to erase it using Nero so I can burn an ISO software image (I wanted to use CDRW for testing before I put it on CDR). Bt the way the software ISO image is Win2k with SP3 integrated. I started up Nero, and put the disc in, and erase it in Nero (full erase), when it is almost done, BSOD. I hit the reset button, startup Nero, put the disc in and perform a quick erase, and I can use the disc without any further incident.

I did not see any error message in Windows 2000 Event log when it died. The BSOD message was only one or two line (BAD_POOL_CALL 0x..something). I will certain write it down next time when it happen (would be a little difficult for now, see later).

What I was trying to do was to transfer files between work and home. At work, I use DirectCD and home I have InCD. I found out disc formated in InCD can be read at work, but disc formated in DirectCD cannot be read at home (I can read the first level, but when I click on the subdirectories, they appear to be empty). This was before removing InCD.

Yes, my work burner is LG GCE-8401B, and I guess it does not support Mt. Rainier as it cannot read the CD-MRW disc I created. By the way, is there a 'infotool' equivalent in EZCD Creator so I can tell whether Mt. Rainier is supported for sure?

Regarding the laptop, I think some detail may be in order. I did the following:

Created bootable CD (W2KSP3) on a CDRW, it boots on desktop, but when inserted on laptop, it flash 'INITIALIZING BOOT CDROM...' in red background and never boot.

Clone (using Nero) the above CDRW to a CDR, boots on desktop, still fail the same way on laptop.

Original W2k (SP1) CD. Boot directly on both desktop and laptop.

Clone (using Nero) the above (original) CD to a CDRW, boot directly on both desktop and laptop.

From the above information, I guess this mean my writing method (user's error?) may be causing it to fail to boot on laptop, but why my desktop works?

All this may be past problem after all. I was trying to reinstall W2k on my desktop (for space reason mostly, and to make certain there is no Roxio UDF reader on it) and do some more testing this weekend.

I have an IBM/Hitachi Deskstar 75GXP and it has been working fine for a little over 2 years. I thought since I am reinstalling, I might as well use the IBM Drive Fitness Test (DFT) floppy to check it out. Well, it gave me an error and failed to repair it.

I can still install Win2K and everything seems to be working after the install (I have not installed any driver yet, just basic Win 2000, using the home made disc I have, it installs to SP3 right away no less).

But I think I will have a talk to IBM/Hitachi support next week, see if the disc is still under warranty, so I am not going to spend so much time this weekend to setup anything. I might RMA it if it is still under warranty.

Oh well, at least I have backup from my brand new CDRW drive :-)

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Postby KCK on Sat Feb 22, 2003 9:01 pm

First, you should definitely talk to the IBM/Hitachi support about your failed HDD. The normal warranty period for IBM drives used to be at least 3 years, and I heard about users getting HDD replacements from IBM even after their laptop warranties expired. Things may be getting more difficult now, but it is worth trying.

Starting from a clean W2KSP3 installation (either on your current HDD or its replacement), be careful about what you install next. In particular, don't look for the latest ASPI, etc. And postpone installing any version of Windows Media Player (read the guide first about the Adaptec/Roxio plugin).

If you don't have the serial key for Nero, install Nero only from the OEM CD, and then upgrade Nero to from Ahead's site (if you do have the key, start with Once you check that Nero works OK, download InCD 3.52.00b and the latest version of EasyWriteReader from Ahead (don't install them from the OEM CD).

For compatibility, it would be best to use InCD on your work box. However, if you must stick to DirectCD, at least use the latest upgrade.

As for your LG GCE-8401B burner, apparently the version with a 2MB buffer should support Mt. Rainier, but there are conflicting user reports. On the other hand, GCE-8400B with firmware 1.12 does support CD-MRW, although this firmware is only for IBM drives. Hence you should post a question about LG GCE-8401B + Mt. Rainier here and perhaps at www.cdfreaks.com.

It's another story whether DirectCD supports CD-MRW for this drive with suitable firmware.

You may check if Nero InfoTool from www.cdspeed2000.com works on your work box.
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