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Nero Recode in NeroVision Express

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Nero Recode in NeroVision Express

Postby tig2002 on Fri Nov 14, 2003 12:44 pm

I have never used this piece of Nero software before. I briefly went through it (without burning final DVD) and it seems like Nero Recode may change the way I backup DVD movies. It will shrink the ripped DVD to fit exactly the size of DVD-5, and it will remove any extras, subtitles, audio channels, etc. in just one click. Although the latest version of DVD Shrink automatically compresses the files to fit one DVD-5 disk, I always have to adjust the size manually because after using auto-shrinking Nero would not allow me to burn the DVD warning that the total size of the files exceeds the amount of free space on blank DVD.

I tested Nero Recode by simulating the process of making a backup copy of my Spiderman DVD movie (again, without burning). Nero Recode was not able to read the files from the actual copy protected DVD, so I had to rip the files with DVD Decryptor first, and then ask Nero Recode to do the rest. I was amazed when I tried to shrink the files with Nero. Without removing the extras I got 78% compression while the best compression ratio with DVD Shrink was 57%. After removing the extras I got 88%(!). Plus, as I understand, you do not need to go through the whole shrinking process as you do with DVD Shrink, which takes more than 30 minutes before burning the final DVD. With Nero Recode it takes same amount of time to make everything ready for burning DVD as just analyzing movie (not actual shrinking) with DVD Shrink.

I went through the search engine of this forum and found out that not many people use NeroVision Express with its wonderful Nero Recode. I wonder why? I apologize if I am bringing up the story that already was discussed many times, and I missed it, but I guess it will take much less amount of time to make a backup copy of DVD movie with the following steps:

1. Rip the original DVD movie with DVD Decryptor to a separate folder.
2. Open Nero Recode, check or uncheck appropriate boxes (extras, audio channels, titles, etc.).
3. Click "Burn".

Pure and simple... No need to spend an extra 30 minutes to shrink the files with DVD Shrink, and the quality should be better

Does anyone use this method?
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