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Nero CD-ROM Compilation Missing File Error Message?

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Nero CD-ROM Compilation Missing File Error Message?

Postby audiodrome on Sun Nov 25, 2007 9:31 pm

I just started using Nero 8 and I've been trying to set the preferences the way I had them in Nero 5 because it's what I'm used to and it works for me. I've now got it so that everything is pretty much the same except for this:

In Nero 5, whenever I opened a saved CD-ROM (ISO) data compilation and one of the folders or files was renamed or moved, it would prompt me with an error message, and now it just opens with no warning. You wouldn't think anything was wrong unless you opened the folders and saw all the "x" marks for the missing files. This could be a big problem because I could burn a backup CD thinking that all the files were saved when in fact some were missing. Is there a preference or setting to turn this prompt back on?

In a somewhat similar problem (and this relates to both Nero 5 and 8), when you open a saved Audio CD compilation and one of the files was renamed or moved, it will analyze the saved compilation and then prompt you with an error message. Then I have to wrack my brain to try and remember if I moved something or threw something away. Sometimes if it analyzes the compilation slowly enough, I can see the song titles going by and see which one is missing, but other times, it goes too fast to see all the titles. If this information is available, is there any way to display it so I can see which files are missing?
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